The Little Blue Bird That Could

Today, at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco, the computer maker unveiled its plans for the next generation of iPhones as well as a sneak peek into third party applications headed our way. Due to hit public airwaves July 11th, Apple’s new iPhone/iPod Touch “App Store” as it’s being called, will allow users to purchase third party mobile applications directly over the air. I speak for all of us at the Iconfactory when I say we were just as surprised and delighted as you probably were to find our very own application, Twitterrific, featured heavily on Apple’s website.

It seems after flying high and far, sometimes to shady destinations, the little blue bird has finally gone legit. I don’t think any of us at the factory realized just how popular Twitter, and in turn Twitterrific would become in this past year. We’ve been making various software applications for a decade now, and in all that time, none of us would have expected such an unassuming little app to become our most well recognized piece of code. Twitterrific’s success speaks volumes about the fine work of the folks over at Twitter, and the hunger for today’s users to stay in touch with friends, relatives and co-workers via new media like social networks.

We’re very pleased the Mac community took to Twitterrific so well and helped make it the success it is today. We’re looking forward to bringing the application to a whole new generation of users for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and would like to extend our thanks to Apple for giving the blue bird such a fine new home. We feel both excited and privileged to be a part of the new App Store and are committed to bringing our users the best software we can offer. We look forward to these first steps on what is sure to be, a fun journey for both users and developers alike.


  1. Congratulations! Twitterrific is definitely one of my top 3 most wanted iPod apps, and I’m sure it’s going to be one of the most downloaded apps as soon as App Store opens, and set the bar really high for all the other iPhone devs.

    Quick question, though. The pricing shown on the App Store screenshot: is it accurate, or have you not decided that yet?

  2. Greg – Thanks, I can’t wait either! I really want to be able to start using it right now, but that’s a big no-can-do.

    Guillermo – Thanks for your kind words. Regarding the pricing shown at Apple.com, we’re actually still discussing it and have not made any final decisions as of yet. Wish I could say more, but right now that’s all the info I have. Hope this helps.

  3. Congratulations one and all at the Iconfactory- although it isn’t a surprise that Twitterrific would take the cake. Everything I’ve installed from your company has been flawless. I am grateful the BigWigs out there recognize code written with the right creative attitude! Hooray! Let the little Blue Bird lead the parade Gedeon! I’m going to follow…

  4. The fine print in the Apple ad seems to imply that iPhone Twitterific will only work over wi-fi β€” sounds like a bummer if this is the case. Even if the 200 SMS messages are included as they were in the old plan (there seems to be grumblings that SMS may not be included as default anymore), one would burn through those in no time flat using Twitter.

    Was hoping to see iPhone Twitterific work over EDGE/3G/Wi-Fi – hopefully that will be the case.

  5. Congrats again! You guys are up there with eBay and Super Monkey Ball! That’s still making me laugh in a good way πŸ™‚

  6. George – The bit about working only over wi-fi is because that screen shot is from the iPod Touch section of the Apple website and the Touch can only function via wi-fi, unlike the iPhone. The answer to your question is yes, Twitterrific on the iPhone will connect to the internet via edge/3G/wi-fi as it normally would. Hope this helps!

  7. Well I for one cannot wait for your app its like what the iphone was made for! Honestly its the app I want to get my hands on!

  8. Ged – thanks for the clarification. For me, Twitter just isn’t Twitter without Twitterrific. I always forget your littel blue bird is the app icon, and not the Twitter icon πŸ™‚

    Oh, and congrats on the featured placement, forgot to include kudos along with my questions!

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