Following Through

I can’t honestly remember the last time I was rooting for my President to succeed so vehemently. So far, Barack Obama has done a pretty good job of keeping his campaign promises. His first official budget, which he delivered to Congress this week, continues that resolve. The sheer fact that unlike Bush, he didn’t attempt to hide the cost of war in Iraq and Afghanistan by leaving it out of the budget signals the true nature of change he represents.

In this latest weekly video address Obama foreshadows the huge lobbying effort that is gearing up to fight the changes his administration will bring. At the 3:40 mark he lays it out bare: they are getting ready for a fight. His answer to those deep-pocketed special interests is even better – “So am I”. You are not alone Mr. President, we’ve got your back. This is going to be good.


  1. Is it as astonishing to you as it is to me that there’s such a loud and consistent carping about the administration’s tax plan and budget? This proposed budget has the same revenue choices and changes to the tax code that President Obama SAID he was going to implement when he was running… and 52% of the voters said “Cool, sounds OK to us.” So why the hullabaloo?


  2. Mike, yeah it’s pretty funny. I don’t think all those conservatives actually thought he’d get elected let alone fulfill this major campaign promise so quickly. They’re still reeling from the loss both for the President and in the Senate which is why they are fighting tooth and nail to keep Al Fraken from claiming his rightly won seat.

    There’s no doubt what-so-ever that the GOP is in disarray right now. One minute they love Rush Limbaugh, the next they hate him. One moment they look to a 13 year old kid for advice on how to get back to their roots and the next they think they’re doing just fine and dandy.

    I’m enjoying every single minute of it.

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