Following Through

I can’t honestly remember the last time I was rooting for my President to succeed so vehemently. So far, Barack Obama has done a pretty good job of keeping his campaign promises. His first official budget, which he delivered to Congress this week, continues that resolve. The sheer fact that unlike Bush, he didn’t attempt to hide the cost of war in Iraq and Afghanistan by leaving it out of the budget signals the true nature of change he represents.

In this latest weekly video address Obama foreshadows the huge lobbying effort that is gearing up to fight the changes his administration will bring. At the 3:40 mark he lays it out bare: they are getting ready for a fight. His answer to those deep-pocketed special interests is even better – “So am I”. You are not alone Mr. President, we’ve got your back. This is going to be good.


Obama Isn’t the One Playing Cards

Bringing myself to admit, and perhaps to some small degree, promote the disgusting hatred of racism turns my stomach. But media outlets, and some local bloggers have started to promote the idea that Barack Obama has finally “played the race card” in recent days by predicting that the GOP will try to use the issue against him. To all those reporters, bloggers and other misguided folks out there, I’ve got news for you: It’s too late for all that.

From the moment Obama put his hat in the ring, the “cards” started to fall. It wasn’t Obama that sold racist Curious George t-shirts with “Obama in 08” on them. It wasn’t Obama that sold racist campaign buttons at a Republican state convention reading “If Obama is President… will we still call it The White House?”. No, that was the GOP. Let me state that again, it was the Texas state Republicans who distributed and promoted that particular brand of hate.

And now we have word from the Washington Post that interest in white supremacist groups has been sharply increasing. These Neo-Nazi and skinhead organizations (or cockroaches as blogger Oliver Willis calls them) have seen a dramatic increase in traffic to their online websites because of the prospect of an African American president in their future. So much for a color-blind society.

So don’t you dare tell me that Barack Obama is the one playing the race card on the electorate. Thanks to the scores of racists that have reared their ugly heads (both in private and public channels) these past few months, that hand was played long, long ago. For Obama to leave them sitting there without making the rest of us aware of the danger they represent is naive. Race is an integral part of his campaign, whether for good or bad, which is why a win in November would be all the more historic. Deal with it.


Our Next President

Ever since the May 6th primaries, things have been firming up for Barack Obama to claim his well-earned victory against Hillary Clinton. The fight has not been without damaging blows for the junior senator from Illinois, but that’s par for the course in today’s politics. Seeing the reports of the 75,000 people who came out to hear and support him in Portland Oregon, it’s finally starting to hit home with me. I firmly believe this man will be the next President of the United States.

I know Obama’s not a perfect man, nor has he professed to be. I realize he has baggage that some people distrust as well as a racial background that others in this country can’t see their way past. But for all these problems, his message of hope stands above the fray. I believe most people are finally ready to leave the fear and threats of perpetual war behind them. They are hungry to return to the ways of liberty and justice that made this country great. Barack Obama will show this nation that a government can be compassionate towards its citizens and still be strong when dealing with its enemies. We can care for our planet while creating jobs, not destroying them. And we can work together, from both sides of the aisle for the betterment of one and all. The journey is just beginning and for once, I’m excited to be a part of it.