Apple Freak

Lately I’ve found myself addicted to apples. No, not the kind that I usually write about, but an actual piece of fruit. You know, the kind you eat? I only recently discovered Gala apples and ever since I first had one at Panera Bread a few months ago, I can’t get enough of them. Ask any of my friends if I’m the type of guy that can be seen with a heart healthy snack in his hands and they would likely belly-laugh and tell you to go away.

Lately I’ve been warming up to the idea of eating more fruits and vegetables and the unassuming Gala apple has been leading the charge. If you’ve never had one, next time you’re in the produce section try and pick one up. They are softer than most apples with a thinner skin and a slightly sweeter taste than most. Developed in New Zealand in the 1920s by orchardist J.H. Kidd, Gala apples are a cross between a Golden Delicious and Kidd’s Orange Red. They resist bruising and are quite easy to eat. Even if you don’t particularly enjoy apples give them a try. They’ve easily become my new favorite snack and they could become yours too.


  1. Welcome to the light side my man. The living is good here. Let me know when you are ready to give up meat. I have lots of recipes and tips.

  2. Ha! I’m also an apple maniac and the Gala is my favorite from the supermarket, too. Apples are the most underestimated fruit, there are so many different delicious kinds.

    Though the best are the ones from Taunus. This is a region in Germany, and everything there is just perfect to grow apples. Its like pasta in Italy, or tea in England — just perfect! Man, I want one now!!


  3. Gala are good, yes, but the only reason you believe them to be the best is because you haven’t yet bit into a delicious Honeycrisp! If you can track one down, give it a try. They’re incredibly good.

    I also personally will always have a soft spot for good ol’ Granny Smith.

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