100 Reasons Why McCain Won’t Be President of the United States

For years I greatly admired Senator John McCain. He had a reputation for being a political maverick and seemed to vote with his conscience instead of with his party. When it came down to choosing between what was right and what the GOP wanted, John McCain more-often-than-not chose what was right.

Then he set his sights on the White House.

During the past year I’ve watched McCain’s positions on things like tax breaks for the rich, a woman’s right to choose and keeping social security strong, morph and change. He went from calling Jerry Falwell an “agent of intolerance” to speaking at his university’s graduation address. Most disturbingly he created a moral exception in his own mind that it was okay for the CIA to torture U.S. detainees, even after years of working tirelessly to end all forms of U.S. held torture.

As a way to vocalize the ways John McCain has lost much of the respect progressives like myself paid him, I’ve compiled a list of 100 reason why I don’t think he’ll ever become President. The most ironic part about compiling it was that so many of the items were first mentioned on conservative websites. McCain was never a friend of Republicans, that is until he became their nominee. I sincerely hope McCain makes an effort to rediscover himself, his values and his voice once the election is complete. If this list is any indication, his influence will still be felt for years to come, just not from Pennsylvania Avenue.

• • •

100. He has trouble selling fundraiser tickets in his own state.

99. One month after 9/11, McCain made unfounded claims that the anthrax used in the deadly attacks that killed five people and sickened 17 others, might have come from Iraq. McCain’s assertions, based soley on his personal beliefs, not the government findings, helped bolster the case for the invasion of Iraq.

98. He voted with Bush 95% of the time in 2007 & 100% in 2008.

97. John McCain has flip-flopped on a number of important issues including windfall profits for big oil, social security privatization, the estate tax and many others.

96. Has a lifetime rating of only 24% from the League of Conservation Voters (LCV). By contrast, Barack Obama, has a rating of 86%.

95. He mistakenly has said that “Iran is training Al-Qaida”.

94. Giving prepared remarks is not one of his strong suits.

93. McCain used to oppose Bush’s tax cuts for the very wealthy, but he reversed course in February of 2008.

92. By mid 2007, he had missed 10 of the past 14 votes on Iraq.

91. Rather than support Jim Webb’s 21st Century G.I. Bill to greatly expand educational benefits to vets, McCain skipped the vote. Both Hillary & Obama voted for the measure.

90. Later, when Webb’s G.I. Bill passed overwhelmingly in the Senate 92-6, McCain had the audacity to suggest that he both supported the bill all along AND that he voted for it, when in fact, he did not.

89. The GOP Congressional Group refuses to back him.

88. His campaign is tied to dozens of lobbyists, particularly from telecom companies, an industry he helps oversee in the Senate.

87. When asked, he didn’t know what kind of car he drives.

86. Angered the Catholic League after accepting the endorsement of evangelicalist John Hagee who called the Catholic Church “apostate”, the “anti-Christ” and a “false cult system”.

85. McCain has said that he would consider Dick Cheney for a post in his administration.

84. Has said that Vladimir Putin is the president of Germany.

83. Early polls show Bob Barr taking away enough votes from John McCain to give Democrats a chance to win states that should be safely Republican.

82. In 2007, McCain worked with the Bush Administration on the so-called “amnesty” bill for illegal immigrants, angering the conservative base in the process.

81. McCain wants to give the majority of tax breaks to the richest Americans instead of the working class. The majority of Americans (those who earn $38K-$66K) would save only $319 under the McCain plan. That number jumps to $1,042 under Obama.

80. McCain has stacked town hall meetings with only those people who supported his own viewpoints then has denied it to media outlets.

79. McCain is trying to float the privatization of social security once again, only this time he’s calling it “personal accounts”.

78. While the victims of Katrina were drowning, McCain ate cake.

77. McCain helped propose the “Gas Tax Holiday” that would save drivers an average of only $2.35 every time they fill their tank.

76. His campaign used music without the artist’s permission.

75. According to a June CCN poll, 63% of Democrats are either extremely or very enthusiastic about voting this year. Only 37 percent of Republicans feel the same way and 36 percent of Republicans say they are not enthusiastic about voting.

74. When it comes to energy policy, he has a tendency to contradict himself.

73. McCain opposes comprehensive sex education.

72. McCain was the only senator to skip voting on Amdt. No. 3035, a Hate Crimes Amendment that would have expanded the definition of hate crimes and the government’s ability to investigate and prosecute them.

71. McCain voted on numerous occasions from 2003-2007 against additional funding for Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

70. McCain favors teaching the Christian religious doctrine of the Ten Commandments in public school systems.

69. McCain’s tax returns reveal that he annually collects over $58,000 in tax exempt funds as part of a “disability pension”. A spokesman for McCain said this is because of his “limited body movements due to injuries as a POW”.

68. McCain now sides with the Bush Administration to help end the off-shore oil drilling ban of 1981, a reversal of the position he took in his 2000 presidential campaign.

67. McCain wrongly claimed that 401ks are taxed by the capital gains tax and used this to further his point that “[Obama] obviously doesn’t understand the economy.”

66. McCain voted against Amdt. No. 2634 which was to provide additional funds for the mental health of veterans.

65. He skipped voting on the Lieberman-Warner climate change legislation that would have have included tax breaks for solar power. McCain said he skipped the vote because it didn’t finance the nuclear industry enough and he was busy running for President.

64. McCain is overly superstitious.

63. Thinks a $300 million prize to develop a better car battery is a sufficient amount of money compared to the $720 million dollars the United States spends in Iraq every day to wage war.

62. McCain has seven times fewer online followers on the leading social networks than Barack Obama.

61. McCain voted against Reed Amendment 2737 which would have repealed a capital gains tax that would have funded American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

60. John and Cindy McCain have failed to pay taxes on a California property they own for the past four years. Only after a reporter inquired about the bill with the McCain campaign did they send San Diego County a check.

59. McCain was for talking with Hamas before he was against it.

58. John McCain’s understanding of eminent domain is flawed. In May, 2008 he said: “There is a very clear standard in the Constitution requiring not only just compensation in the use of eminent domain, but also that private property may NOT be taken for public use.” In fact, the rule of eminent domain, as outlined in Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, states that private property can indeed be taken for public use if proper compensation is issued.

57. McCain doesn’t know if condoms help stop the spread of HIV.

56. McCain praised President Bush in 2001 when he said he could trust Putin because Bush had “looked the man in the eye” and got “a sense of his soul.” Asked by Chris Matthews how Bush did in his Russia trip, McCain replied, “I–I give him an A. I’d give him an A.”

55. McCain received only a 20% approval rating from the Disabled Veterans of America.

54. He scolded the U.S. Congress for taking the 4th of July holiday weekend off, but has seen fit to miss more votes than any other Senator in the 110th Congress.

53. When the incident between Russian and Georgia irrupted, McCain said that it was the ‘first serious crisis internationally since the end of the Cold War.’

52. On at least three separate occasions, McCain made references to Czechoslovakia, a country that hasn’t existed since 1993.

51. Polling data suggests that John McCain may not be able to carry his home state of Arizona in the upcoming election.

50. Rolling Stone magazine reports that McCain’s campaign schedule is “relaxed” to say the least. Unlike traditional candidates who usually put in multiple appearances each day, McCain limits himself to one event per day.

49. John McCain supports huge tax breaks for the oil industry, but not for wind power.

48. In an interview with CBS News, McCain said that Iraq (and not Afghanistan) was the “first major conflict since 9/11” for the United States.

47. Days after McCain’s reversal on the subject of off-shore oil drilling, Multiple oil company executives gave huge contributions to electing him. The total collected from the Hess family alone was $285,000. Total contributions from the oil industry to McCain’s campaign jumped from $208,000 in May to $1.1 mil. dollars in June.

46. At the Saddleback Church, McCain famously said that a child’s right to life begins at the “moment of conception”. Yet despite this firm position, McCain supports forms of embryonic stem cell research.

45. McCain campaigns on a promise of fiscal responsibility, and yet he and his wife carry more than $100,000 in credit card liabilities as of 6.13.08.

44. McCain compares the conflict in Iraq with the historical conflicts of South Korea, Japan and Germany and has said that America might be in Iraq for “100 years” and that it would be “fine with me.”

43. Thinks Iraq and Pakistan share a border. They do not.

42. McCain’s foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann, has been linked to controversial businessman Stephen Payne who was caught trading money for access to President Bush in the construction of his Presidential library.

41. McCain graduated fifth from the bottom from his Naval Academy class.

40. In recent weeks both President Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki have moved away from McCain’s stated position of not setting any kind of deadlines for withdrawal from Iraq. Indeed, as reported by USA Today, the U.S. & Iraqi governments are close to completing a security agreement that tentatively calls for U.S. combat troops to be withdrawn from Baghdad and other cities by summer of 2009.

39. McCain, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Service Committee, has attended zero of his committee’s six hearings on Afghanistan over the last two years.

38. McCain received a grade of “D” from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

37. He can’t decide if he’s a Baptist or an Episcopalian.

36. McCain now says that gay and lesbian couples “should be able to enter into legal agreements” but not be able to marry. But last year McCain campaigned in his home state of Arizona for Proposition 107, an expansive amendment so broad it would have overturned local decisions by school districts, cities and counties to give benefits to unmarried couples – straight or gay.

35. McCain has said $5 million is the line between being considered middle class and “rich”.

34. McCain regularly turns to ex Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina for advice on economic matters. Fiorina was forced out of her position at HP under charges of mismanagement.

33. When asked by a reporter how many homes he and his wife Cindy own, he could not give a number and said he would have to have his staff get back with the answer. Politico later reported that the McCain’s own at least 8 properties, but that it could be as high as 12.

32. Despite a smear campaign that George Bush and Karl Rove launched against McCain in the 2000 South Carolina primary, years later McCain would forgive the lies that were spread in his name and give Bush “the hug”.

31. McCain consistently calls Obama an “elitist”, but admits that he “doesn’t know the price of gas“, and can’t remember the last time he bought any himself.

30. McCain voted against Florida Everglades restoration.

29. At the start of the US invasion of Iraq, McCain told NBC that “the Iraqi people will greet us as liberators.”

28. McCain has admitted that he didn’t really love his country until he was 31 years old.

27. Over a seven month period, John McCain used a corporate jet owned by a company headed by his wife instead of paying full cost for normal airfare, effectively giving his campaign a “discount” on air travel. This use of Cindy McCain’s corporate jet violates the spirit of campaign finance laws that McCain himself helped pass.

26. McCain can’t seem to connect with young voters.

25. While on the campaign trail in 2000, McCain said “I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live.” The term “gooks” is a racial epithet that has historically been used to demean all Asians.

24. McCain consistently has a problem remembering the difference between Shia and Sunni.

23. During his 1986 run for Senate, John McCain used an assumed name to make over $225,000 in renovations to a house owned by his father-in-law James Hensley, presumably to avoid perceptions that he was carpetbagger.

22. McCain used an unauthorized image of General Petraeus to help promote his fundrasing material which was done without Petraeus’ knowledge or approval.

21. Has admitted he “needs to be educated” about economics.

• • •

The Top Twenty

20. John McCain opposes net neutrality. Barack Obama supports it.

19. He doesn’t understand the legal term “habeas corpus”.

18. John McCain leads every politician in the amount of funds accepted from “Big Oil”, to the tune of $724,000 through 5/08.

17. He voted against the Martin Luther King holiday in 1983.

16. McCain claims he “supported every investigation” into the government’s role regarding Katrina, when in fact he twice voted against an independent commission.

15. He favors warrantless wiretapping of American citizens.

14. He professed that Baghdad was “safe enough” to stroll through a market as any normal person would, but neglected to mention his trip was accompanied by 100 soldiers, 3 Blackhawk helicopters and 2 Apache Gunships.

13. He has a long, problematic history with fits of anger.

12. McCain admitted in his memoir “Faith of My Fathers” that he was unfaithful to his first wife Carol, who had been disfigured in a near-fatal car accident on Christmas Eve, 1969. McCain recounts the events leading up to his divorce and says it was “my own selfishness and immaturity. … I cannot escape blame by pointing a finger at the [stress of] war. The blame was entirely mine.” In return for giving him a divorce, McCain agreed to pay for his ex-wife’s medical care for the rest of her life.

11. McCain has implied that the Iraq war was fought over oil.

10. In 2002, McCain criticized preacher Jerry Falwell as “an agent of intolerance” but later changed his mind, giving the graduation address at Falwell’s Liberty University in May of 2006.

9. He doesn’t know how to use a computer.

8. In May of 2008 John McCain said: “I believe that it’s not an accident that our hostages came home from Iran when President Reagan was president of the United States. He didn’t sit down in a negotiation with the religious extremists in Iran, he made it very clear that those hostages were coming home.’’ But the fact of the matter is that Reagan did negotiate with Iran, albeit unknowingly, through Oliver North. Acting under the Reagan administration, North traded arms for hostages as Reagan later admitted. McCain is either lying or he is ignorant of the historical facts of the Iranian hostage incident.

7. Believes in appointing judges that would help to over turn Roe v. Wade and take away a woman’s right to choose.

6. McCain voted against the Webb amendment calling for adequate troop rest between deployments.

• • •

The Top Five

5. Corruption: John McCain was part of the Keating Five scandal accused of corruption in 1989 in conjunction with the larger Savings and Loan crisis of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

4. Age: Although age shouldn’t be a factor for determining the next President of the United States, in the eyes of voters, it is. If he were to win the Presidency, McCain would be inaugurated at the age of 72, making him the oldest person ever elected. POTUS is the most stressful, demanding job on the planet and McCain has a history of health problems including multiple treatments for skin cancer. McCain has already outlived both his father, who died at the age of 70, and his grandfather, who died at 61.

In addition, McCain has made numerous gaffes while on the campaign trail, more than can be explained as mere accidents. He’s had trouble with geography (Somalia for Sudan, Iraq’s borders, etc), he’s re-written history, and made several of these mistakes on several separate occasions. Critics are starting to notice the mistakes are piling up.

Finally, while he claims to be fit enough to “hike the Grand Canyon”, he also sees nothing wrong with collecting tax payer funds in the form of a POW “disability pension” (see #70). Despite claims to the contrary, McCain’s age has become a legitimate campaign issue.

3. Torture: Himself being a former POW, he believes that prisoners of the United States shouldn’t be subjected to various forms of torture including water boarding. That is unless they are being held by the CIA, in which case, they can be. His decision to flip-flop on this key issue, one with which he has fought long and hard against, has cost him dearly with independents, moderate Democrats and even some Republicans who see the shift as hypocritical.

2. Money: McCain has had an extraordinarily hard time raising funds for his campaign. In March, McCain raised a mere $15 million dollars to Obama’s $40 million. For every dollar McCain raises, Obama raises 3. Such a massive financial advantage will allow Obama to compete in more states than McCain and force him to defend states that should rightfully be Republican wins.

Although the Republican National Committee helps make up for McCain’s fundraising shortfalls, it none-the-less can’t keep pace with the Democrats and Obama. Diverting cash from the GOP coffers to McCain’s fight for the White House will have detrimental effects on other, smaller GOP races. Obama has more than 1.5 million donors while McCain has just a few hundred thousand.

1. Bush: By any metric chosen, clues point to voters favoring Democrats in the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House this fall. President Bush’s approval records are at an all-time low, hovering around 28%. Democratic voter registration is 2-3 times higher across the country than their GOP counterparts. And for the first time in 3 election cycles, Democrats are raising more money than their right-leaning counterparts. In addition, wedge issues which were so effective against John Kerry in 2004 such as gay marriage have taken a back seat to topics like Iraq, the economy and energy.

John McCain has attempted to distance himself from the Bush administration, while at the same time aligning himself with the majority of his critical policies. From Iraq and his tax proposals, to his flip-flop on women’s choice and the types of judges McCain would appoint, there is virtually no difference between the candidate and Bush. Obama easily fills entire stadiums with voters hungry for change, but McCain must be content with relatively small gatherings of loyal, core followers. McCain may make a go of the election through the use of fear, misinformation and doubt, but in the end, signs point to an Obama victory, due in part by Bush weary voters.


  1. Andy, David & Mischa, thanks for the positive feedback. Doing the research took a long time and worked hard to try and stick to facts instead of opinion. Didn’t always succeed, but I appreciate the kind words.

    For the record, I have some favorites from the list above. They include #69, #58, #27, #20 and perhaps most of all #8. That last one proves that McCain’s grasp of history and the government which he has been intimated involved in for decades is skewed. He doesn’t have command of the facts in many cases which is troublesome.

  2. In my opinion the “League of Conservation Voters” is a fraud designed to mislead people.

    Obama is so far left he’s practically sitting on Nancy Pelosi

  3. This is CLEARLY not 100 reasons why McCain won’t get elected but 100 reasons why the author doesn’t like McCain and is going to take things out of context to spread that opinion. Of these 100 reasons I find many of them to be misleading and open to interpretation depending on what side of the issue you’re on.

    Items I have not commented on I probably agree with, I might be conservative but I don’t like McCain, I just find him far less scary than Obama who is trying to pretend he is much closer to the center than he actually is.


    #7, that’s a highly debated issue but most (as in more than 50% of Americans do NOT support “casual” abortion)

    #21 the president has very little to do with economic policy and from what I’ve seen McCain grasps it far better than Obama does

    #29 many of them DID and there are plenty of photos and videos to prove it. Fact is only 5% of Americans fought the British, does that mean that 95% of Americans wanted British rule? Conflict has nothing to do with popular opinion

    #33 this is not that un-common, especially considering his age, wealth and that he spends a considerable amount of his time in multiple cities for various political reasons. Furthermore that’s 8 “properties” not “homes” and they’re including properties owned by members of his family and trusts and corporations, yes because he’s not supposed to have a place to live in the 3 or 4 cities he has to work out of, or offices right?

    #34 Carly Fiorina didn’t do that bad of a job considering the pile of crap she inherited and then piloted through the .bomb and numerous terrible business moves executed outside of her control, HP continues to have problems without her. Her tract record outside of HP is quite good. HP suffers serious “culture issues”, not bad management. But sacking a CEO is often good for a few points on the market.

    #35 considering there are nearly 9 million households in the US worth over a million dollars it’s hardly an outside statement.

    #37 Lots of people change denominations

    #42 WTF? someone he works with is linked to someone who did something which isn’t particularly immoral or illegal?

    #44 You’ll note that the comment about 100 years isn’t far off considering that in context the US -is- still in those places… Helloooo who do you think helps guard the N/S Korean border? The Fins? no.

    #47, Oh so a company sees a policy they like and shouldn’t give money to try and get that person elected… wait so then people who support abortion shouldn’t give money to Obama because well that’d be a conflict of interest?

    #50 Uhmm yeah, it’s only August and he’s old.

    #53 Once again, context, the comment was accurate

    #54, no kidding he’s running for office, he’s supposed to wait around in DC for votes? uhmm no

    #56, Most americans don’t know squat about Putin’s record and the fact is the man pretty much kept the poop from hitting the fan for a long time, I’d give him an A too

    #57 He never said that he didn’t know if condoms stopped HIV, his issue was with spending tax payer money on something that might not be effective. Which in the past “free condom” projects have not proven to be without considerable public education

    #59, oh my gosh he changed his mind on an issue?! Oh wait Arizona has a very active Jewish population who busted his balls, who’d have thought a politician might chose to express the opinions expressed to him by his constituents

    #60 WTF do you seriously think the man handles his own taxes?

    #62, what?! Young people using social networks don’t like an old conservative? Wait.. Young people tend to vote left? News to me… you know what’s strange? Young people are few in number and even fewer in person on voting day

    #63 uhm yeah that’s a private venture with considerable financial gain attached to it… perhaps the author knows someone who will fight the war in Iraq for $720m/year? Oh wait no …

    #65 sounds like a damn good reason to me

    #69, the man doesn’t chose the amount of his pension dammit, and guess what? He’s legally entitled to it, perhaps if Obama were seriously injured as a POW he’d be getting pension too? Yes because that’s how it works

    #70 Once again way off, he responded to a loaded question about the ten commandments and stated that teaching virtues in school would not erode the rights of non jewish or christian students. He didn’t say he favored teaching the ten commandments in public school.

    #73 it’s a moral issue and once again it’s regarding the same interview about public spending on certain things

    #74, and Obama doesn’t? stuff changes, opinions change and frankly he’s trying to get elected, he needs to express the view that will please the most people on any given day, not whatever he might think

    #76 oh that’s going to effect his odds of getting elected?

    #78, oh and during that time the author and Obama ONLY fasted and wore sack cloth? Long time, must have lost a lot of weight.

    #80, This is 100% normal and virtually every political rally is like this, Obama is the same way

    #81 your right, but rich people pay more taxes, a lower percentage of a higher amount can still be greater than a higher percentage of a lower amount. A man who makes a billion dollars a year might save more than the average american makes with a tax cut, which then means that money will be invested back in the economy, where as a small percentage cut to a middle class family results in only the purchase of one more blu-ray player, instead of keeping a whole person employed for a year.

    #86 Obama has some far more dubious religious endorsements than McCain does; the fact is either one would take an endorsement from a ham sandwich.

    #87, I know several people who couldn’t tell you what car they drive. McCain probably never drives it either because he’s old and when exactly would he be doing his own driving? Perhaps next week he’ll take the tour bus out for a spin? And further more the CTS he owns is greener than the 300C Obama owns.

    #88 yes this is normal guess who would fund a campaign? Oh right people who want to get someone elected! Gosh…. This is a-kin to if Obama were on the itty bitty kitty comity the pet industry lobby would be all over him.

    #96 the League of Conservation Voters is a leftist environmental group.

    #99 he was speculating, just like everyone else. invasion wasn’t even on the table at the time

    #100 Uhmm Phoenix isn’t very conservative, bush isn’t popular there and HE was doing the ticket selling, Arizonans are also fairly apathetic and it’s pretty hard to take a Biz Journal article with spelling mistakes seriously.

  4. 102. his favorite sidekick is the liberal joe lieberman.
    103. he favors across the board amnesty for the illegals.
    104. many obama supporters have said they’d choose mccain over hillary, and hillary supporters said they’d choose mccain over obama.
    105. 3 of his top 5 picks for vp are prochoice.

    like i’ve said, mccain does not carry the christian conservative base.

  5. As an Obama fanboy, how bout 100 Reasons Why Obama Will Be President? I need to see five. Heck, one would do.

  6. An excellent list! I have a few comments.

    I disagree with #95. He knowingly espoused this lie hoping Americans would “shame on me.”

    Regarding #17 the truth is much, much worse. Not only did he personally vote against establishing a federal holiday honoring MLK, he actively spoke against establishing MLK day at both the federal and state level. He praised the Republican Governor who abolished MLK day in Arizona before it was a federal holiday (yes, McCain has been a politician THAT long and is THAT old).

    THEN, he had the cojones to claim he voted FOR establishing MLK day. http://www.crooksandliars.com/2008/04/04/mccain-voted-against-mlk-day-at-almost-50-years-of-age/

    I think a lot of McCain’s problems is that he doesn’t know how powerful the Internet is. He doesn’t know that anyone curious enough to fact-check the things he says can see the words falling from his lips on YouTube.

  7. I think whatever our partisan stances we can appreciate the work and care Ged put into this list, and on that point I give you a hearty commendation.

    And to betray my sympathies, and with all due respect, I think anyone who’s too old to drive, assuming physical limitations brought upon by age related aliments, should not be consider a viable candidate for President. Unfair of me perhaps, but it’s an opinion, and easily brushed aside as such.

  8. Tough to come up with 100 item list for a junior Senator whose only experiences are in community organization, state senate in a democratic state and less than a single full term in the US Senate.

    I’m a big fan of Joe Biden but it doesn’t take much effort to see a similar list could be constructed for him. With service and experience comes the burden of compromise, conflict and controversy. Obama is free from the knowledge that comes from experience as well as the burden of critical analysis. Unless you want to look at what he HAS done – but it’s best to not look into that.

  9. Pete & Jjarr,

    Here is a quote from former Republican Representative Jim Leech who crossed party lines to speak at the Democratic National Convention. It illustrates perfectly why Obama will win the general election and what is wrong with the GOP today. Keep an open mind when you read it:

    “The party that once emphasized individual rights has gravitated in recent years toward regulating values. The party of military responsibility has taken us to war with a country that did not attack us. The party that formerly led the world in arms control has moved to undercut treaties crucial to the defense of the earth. The party that prides itself on conservation has abdicated its responsibilities in the face of global warming. And the party historically anchored in fiscal restraint has nearly doubled the national debt, squandering our precious resources in an undisciplined and unprecedented effort to finance a war with tax cuts…

    …This is not a time for politics as usual or for run-of-the-mill politicians. Little is riskier to the national interest than more of the same. America needs new ideas, new energy and a new generation of leadership.”

  10. “#56, Most americans don’t know squat about Putin’s record and the fact is the man pretty much kept the poop from hitting the fan for a long time, I’d give him an A too”
    – Pete

    The “man” you are referring to who has kept “the poop from hitting the fan” and whom you give an A to is George W. Bush isn’t it? I would have thought 9/11 would have counted as the poop hitting the fan, but then conservatives like to blame Clinton for 9/11 since 9/11 was planned during Clinton’s term in office. I personally find it odd that conservatives think Clinton should have known what every terrorist holed up in a cave is thinking, but then I guess the higher standards of Democratic presidents might have misled you into thinking they are psychic.

    Here’s a clue. Look up “Visa Express” and find out which president’s administration created the program that the majority of the 9/11 hijackers entered the US under. If you check Wikipedia, they have a nice article on the subject. If you consider Wikipedia too fuzzy to be taken seriously, just use the links at the bottom of the article where they cite their sources. Among those sources, you will find “The National Review”. Read those articles, unless you consider that magazine to have too liberal a bias for your comfort.

  11. Well, I have re-read the Wikipedia article, and apparently the number there has been downgraded from 12 to 5. The National Review likes to blame “The State Department” for the program, but the program was created by the Bush administration, which makes the Bush administration responsible for it. The National Review seems guilty of spin. It is such a shock to discover conservatives covering for their own. ;p

  12. I think there are over a million reasons why McSame won’t be president. I am one of them. We are working tirelessly to mak sure it doesn’t happen.

    Great list!!

  13. Looks as though not only can McCain not sell tickets in his own state (#100), but he’s also having problems giving them away for his GOP convention appearance as well. Yes John, being popular like Obama really bites the big one doesn’t it?

  14. Your diligence in preparing a list is commendable, Ged; yet the effort seems to be obsessive. You don’t seem to have the beautiful, comforting ‘gray area’ of uncertainty and indecision that causes most of us, from time to time, to admit our inadequacies. Most of us do have that satisfying ‘gray area’. That ‘gray area’ is what gives us enough humility to remain in the green zone of saneness.

    One does not seek enlghtenment, Ged. Enlightenment comes from within. We accept enlightenment. Your barriers to happiness and freedom are many. I sincerely hope you will confront your demon of perfection and learn how to control your urge to dominate yourself.

    From an old fart in Marietta, GA.


    P.S. Your graphics are wonderful. One congratulation for your accomplishment.

  15. I didn’t say I supported RiNOs like McCain, I’m a Libertarian :P, I’d call myself a Republican but I’m afraid people will assume I believe the crap McCain does 😛

  16. Here’s Obama’s idea of “change” from his mentor, 60’s radical community organizer Saul Alinsky: change is defined as “the redistribution of wealth through carefully calculated power-politics, where the ends justify the means, when it makes the economically disadvantaged painfully aware of their on status to the point where discontent can be mobilized into political power, and the ballot box becomes the means of the revolution.” And some of you are calling McCain Crazy?! Obama’s all about SOCIALISM!!!!! Take from the have’s and give to the have nots! And no matter what your income level is, you’re a HAVE! Come on, America – Wake up!!!! .saw their TV ads in http://pollclash.com

  17. Care to list which ones? Don’t just post a comment like this and then expect people to take you seriously unless you present evidence. Flush out your response then we’ll talk.

  18. Way to stretch it out to 100. You did Bush more than once.

    And hiw much of an envirowacko are you? Jeez. Not one person that voted did so based on how McCain voted on some Everglades bs, except maybe you I guess, but you’re a leftwing democrat anyway.

    And ordinary people support the torture of scumbag terrorists. You are out of touch.

    Obama will be a one term President.

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