Fear & Loathing Illustrated

In an effort to underscore just how much the right fears Barack Obama, I’ve put together this helpful info graphic. Inspired by something Britt Whitmire said this morning on his radio show, I decided to check out the total number of entries for both Obama and McCain at Snopes.com, a non-partisan website that tracks urban legends and scam emails. They say animals that are cornered tend to go on the attack, so judging from what’s happening at Snopes, one could theorize conservatives are feeling “trapped” this election cycle.

Emails, rumors and media reports filled to the brim with misinformation about Obama have been circulating for months in an effort to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt about the Senator from Illinois. This might have worked in 2004 against John Kerry, but Obama is being proactive with sites like Fight The Smears and surrogates that counter media lies at every possible opportunity. It’s about time too because, like millions of progressives in this country, I’m tired of the Democrats running defense these last eight years. The recent flap over McCain’s multiple homes is just the sort of thing Karl Rove would unleash on Obama if he had the chance. Don’t believe me? The data at Snopes doesn’t lie.


  1. It’s both laughable and upsetting. I’m sure as the campaign goes on, more will be added to this list.

    I discovered Snopes earlier this week when I told my friend about the cellphone pping popcorn video.

  2. “fear obama”??? mccains been in public office for decades.his record and life pretty on display for anyone who cares to look.which by the way is why he does not carry the conservative base. keep that in mind when you read the poll numbers.
    all john kerry had to do was release form 180 from his military file. not doing so confirmed to many that has wasn’t being truthful about his military service. with obama, the medias outright trumpeting of the man raises alot of eyebrows. whats the saying? if it sounds to good to be true???
    as far as “fearing obama”?? its not fear, its mistrust. and as far as the misleading info? much comes from the true liberal side of the equation. if nothing else, the next month will be extremely interesting.
    and whitmier and krantz? keep in mind that they have both said that they could just as easily vote for mccain as for obama. says something doesn’t it?

  3. I’m sure McCain wouldn’t let these false statements be propagated on his behalf if he knew how to use a computer… maybe HairTurban Cindy™ could send some emails for him?

    Unrelated, HairTurban Cindy™ would be an AWESOME name for an all-girl punk band.

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