Climate Deniers’ Heads Explode

You really have to hand it to Al Gore. First he wins an Academy Award for his groundbreaking work on An Inconvenient Truth with Davis Guggenheim. Next he stages the largest entertainment event in the history of the planet, and now he wins the Nobel Peace Prize along side the IPCC. All of this was done in the name of raising awareness to the growing problem of man-made climate change, and his efforts seem to be paying off. People everywhere are starting to list climate change as one of the most important problems facing our nation and the world. With record temperatures being set, hurricanes that strengthen in record times and ever shrinking glaciers, the general public is starting to feel global warming’s effects directly.

Of course, this doesn’t stop the climate deniers from insisting that there really isn’t a problem. It seems that even when faced with overwhelming scientific evidence, from thousands of leading scientists across the planet, it’s just not enough. Well, today we learned that one man’s hard work and perseverance, along with the dedicated research of thousands of climate professionals, may just help to save us all. Bravo Al, from all of us who happen to think our pale blue dot matters.


  1. On the contrary Bubba, facts are the only thing that matter, and according to an overwhelming number of climate experts, government agencies and reports, the Earth is warming and humans are playing a role. Don’t believe me? Go read the current state of understanding from your own government. Since you seem to believe everything the Bush administration tells you, here are the relevant bits.

    According to the United States Environmental Protection agency:

    • Human activities are changing the composition of Earth’s atmosphere. Increasing levels of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere since pre-industrial times are well-documented and understood.

    • The atmospheric buildup of CO2 and other greenhouse gases is largely the result of human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels.

    • An “unequivocal” warming trend of about 1.0 to 1.7°F occurred from 1906-2005. Warming occurred in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, and over the oceans (IPCC, 2007).

    • Increasing greenhouse gas concentrations tend to warm the planet.

    In addition the IPCC agrees with these findings, as do Australia’s CSIRO science agency and many, many others. While not everything is known or understood about climate change, the consensus does exist despite what you and others would like the rest of the world to believe. It’s time you stopped being part of the problem and became part of the solution. It’s your pale blue dot too.

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