This Isn’t Monopoly

I’m listening to Brad & Britt this morning as callers phone it to voice their support for John McCain since he can’t seem to remember how many properties he and his wife owns. For the record Politico says 8, but it could be as high as 10, but what’s a few million dollars between friends anyway? What I love the most are how McCain supporters on the radio and over at Ed Cone’s blog seem to think this epic blunder doesn’t really matter. I think I could slice the hypocrisy with a knife it’s so thick! These are the very same people that have been trying to make Obama out to be an ivy league, real estate swindling, Paris Hilton hob-knobbing celebrity for the past few months, and now they say that just because John McCain can’t remember if he has 8 or 10 homes, it doesn’t mean he’s any more elitist than you or I.

I’ve got news for all of you. 99.9% of Americans will never own multiple houses, let alone just one. I’ve actually never met anyone who owned more than one, and I’m sure that if I did, they’d know exactly how many properties were on their balance sheet. McCain doesn’t handle his finances, his wife does, so what does THAT say about his credibility when it comes to handling the economy of this country? Oh, and all those people who are trying to make Obama out to be just as much of a rich elitist as McCain – Obama earned his money with a best selling book (which he wrote himself), he didn’t marry into it. He left college with piles of debt which he just recently paid off thanks to old fashion hard work. So the next time you claim Obama isn’t “one of us” just remember that Obama doesn’t own Park Place and Boardwalk. McCain does.


Hey McCain, Send Me My Tire Gauge. Please!

I really have to laugh at the way John McCain has run his presidential campaign. First he says that he wants to take the high road and stick to the issues – no attacks on character or low-brow stuff that Bush threw at him in the South Carolina 2000 primary. Then he goes comparing Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears (Paris has an excellent retort out this week BTW). Then when Obama says a simple thing Americans can do to help reduce demand for oil and drive down the price (the reason why oil is back to $120 recently is because demand is down between 2-4%) is to keep their car’s tires inflated to the proper pressure, McCain pounces and claims this is the main focus of Barack’s energy policy. It is not, it never was and they know it. No, they are so desperate to attack Obama they’ll pick any little thing, even things that every expert agrees would indeed help. Obama responded to this asinine GOP stance this week:

So until I can get my 2009 Honda Fit with its built in pressure sensors, Mr. McCain, PLEASE send me my free tire gauge. I could really use it. See, I love my country and I want to help reduce dependency on oil, BOTH foreign AND domestic and until I can buy my electric car, I’m looking for ways to use less gas. A tire gauge would really come in handy. It’s a pity you don’t realize that because that’s what being the leader of the free world is all about, knowing what’s really important and what is just noise. I’m reminded of Michael Douglas’ speech at the end of The American President. America has serious problems and we need serious people, and McCain’s 15 minutes, with his “politics as usual” approach, are up.


Things Younger Than John McCain

While surfing tonight, I found a great site that highlights just how old John McCain really is. If elected, he would become the oldest first term President in our nation’s history. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily, but being the leader of the free world is the most demanding, stressful job on the planet. Can a man who would take office at the age of 72 deal with the pressures, both mentally and physically, that the job would require?

This fall, the country is looking to elect someone who represents real change as we look to the future to solve important problems such as renewable energy independence, health care reform and global warming. Electing someone who is older than the state of Alaska itself is not a vote for the future, it’s a vote for the past. Here are some other things younger than John McCain (born Aug 29, 1936):

• The AARP (1958)

• McDonald’s (1940)

• The Polio Vaccine (1955)

Bugs Bunny (1938)

• Both of Barack Obama’s parents (1936 & 1942)

Dick Cheney (1941)

Many, many more…