1. There are far more media outlets that tailor news to favor Obama than McCain.

    Newsweek Magazine… 6 Obama covers for their 2008 calendar year;

    July 21 (Obama’s faith)
    June 2 (Obama / Race / Us)
    May 19 (The O Team)
    March 31 (When Barry became Barrack)
    Feb 25 (Who is Michelle Obama)
    Jan 14 (CHANGE)

    vs. 2 for McCain

    Feb 18 (Why the right hates McCain)
    Feb 11 (Becoming McCain)

    Obama restates his refusal to report that the surge worked and the press passes on it. David Shuster waves the surge away by saying “Americans don’t care… I’m not sure Americans really understand or can figure out what a clear victory really is.”

    Even Walter Shorenstein, founder of the Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University can see the blatent bias towards Obama in our press… and he’s a liberal.

    Damned that GOP spin machine!

  2. Recent Rassmussen polling shows that 49% of Americans see the media favoring Obama and “helping” him win the election… vs 14% who feel they’re favoring McCain.

  3. it works both ways James.

    The New York Post just published McCain’s error laden Op-Ed Piece.

    The New Yorker Magazine publishes an illustration that peddles fear, racism and untruths about Obama.

    McCain’s entire senate career is laced with the press’ “maverick love”. He barbecues for them and they lap it up.

    Historic pressure from media outlets to “lay off” the Bush administration.

    The list goes on. If there is some bias toward Obama in recent weeks it’s simply because he’s the new kid on the block. The media are in business and business sometimes dictates that you give people what they want.

  4. The New Yorker Magazine publishes an illustration that peddles fear, racism and untruths about Obama.

    Seriously? Satire, making fun of a segment of Republican voters who fear Obama for completely irrational reasons is anti-Obama bias?

  5. James, Obama didn’t see it as satire (and many others didn’t either), he said it was deeply offensive. As it happens, so did John McCain’s campaign. McCain spokesman Tucker “Outward” Bounds quickly e-mailed: “We completely agree with the Obama campaign, it’s tasteless and offensive.”

    You never responded to the main crux of the post: Why do you think CBS cut McCain’s gaffe about Iraq’s history if they have a “liberal” bias? If they did, they would be doing everything in their power to draw attention to his error, not cover it up. Why is that do you suppose?

  6. Ged, Ged, Ged. You’re going to make yourself insane.

    Here’s the worst part of this: In 48 hours, it won’t matter. No one will remember, the network will be unchanged and so will the McCain campaign.

    Look at Al Franken. At first, his Air America show was great. As time went on, he got crazier and crazier as he railed against the endless onslaught of political insanity with little to no effect.

    The bad continues to get worse, America bends over and takes it and the good guy’s voice gets quieter and quieter. I know it’s frustrating, but the frustration is endless.

  7. by william tate: ibd

    An analysis of federal records shows that the amount of money journalists contributed so far this election cycle favors Democrats by a 15:1 ratio over Republicans, with $225,563 going to Democrats, only $16,298 to Republicans .

    Two-hundred thirty-five journalists donated to Democrats, just 20 gave to Republicans — a margin greater than 10-to-1. An even greater disparity, 20-to-1, exists between the number of journalists who donated to Barack Obama and John McCain.

    Searches for other newsroom categories (reporters, correspondents, news editors, anchors, newspaper editors and publishers) produces 311 donors to Democrats to 30 donors to Republicans, a ratio of just over 10-to-1. In terms of money, $279,266 went to Dems, $20,709 to Republicans, a 14-to-1 ratio.

    And while the money totals pale in comparison to the $9-million-plus that just one union’s PACs have spent to get Obama elected, they are more substantial than the amount that Obama has criticized John McCain for receiving from lobbyists: 96 lobbyists have contributed $95,850 to McCain, while Obama — who says he won’t take money from PACs or federal lobbyists — has received $16,223 from 29 lobbyists.

    the media today is no more than a political action committee.

  8. I’ve been watching a TON of news… and have yet to see or hear ANYONE throw anything harder than a wet noodle Obama’s way… (watching CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC and FOX)

    Negative comments are subjective though. What is negative to some, isn’t negative to others. I can say Obama is a Marxist, and to certain people that’s a COMPLIMENT.

    To each his own, I still think this whole election will be handed to Obama on a gilded platter by the press.

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