Fear of Trump Sparks Surge in Citizenship & Voter Registration

More and more I hear from friends on social media that they’re worried Donald Trump is going to mop the floor with Hillary Clinton. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have concerns, but at the same time it’s important to keep in mind how much the demographics in the United States have changed, even in just the last four years. In order for Trump to take the presidency, he would have to convince ALL of the states that voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 to vote for him in addition to Hispanic heavy states like Nevada, New Mexico and especially Florida. It’s a tough electoral college pill to swallow.

As this report from the Washington Post shows, the Hispanic community, in this case California, is coming out to register to be citizens and vote like never before. Prior to Trump people stayed in the shadows out of fear of exposure and possible deportation. Now they realize just how much is on the line and they’ve decided exposure be damned, it’s more important to fight for their interests. My favorite part of this video is how the poll workers explain that this movement has spread among family members. It’s not just one member of the household, it’s ALL of them. The silver lining here is that many immigrants who were here illegally are taking steps to become official citizens. Good for them.

Much can happen between now and November, but if and when Trump loses in the fall I have little doubt it’s going to be because of the racial divide he’s built in the form of a metaphorical wall on the US / Mexico border. The GOP is going nuts trying to rein him in but thankfully for all us sane people who oppose him, he’ll never change. He’s doing serious damage to the GOP’s ability to reach out to hispanic and african americans and they know it.