The Big Bang Theory Expands

SPOILER WARNING: This post contains minor spoilers for CBS’ Big Bang Theory. If you’re not caught up on season 7, you might not want to read. Then again maybe you’re okay with it. It’s up to you. What I’m saying here is you’ve been warned!

One of my all-time favorite TV shows, The Big Bang Theory, has been picked up for not just one, but three additional seasons. Yesterday CBS announced the multi-season deal to the delight of geeks everywhere. It’s really not surprising considering “Big Bang” has been ranked as the No. 1 sitcom since the 2010-11 season, and continues to hold the top spot in key demographics for the second straight year. Drawing that many key viewers each week is a huge deal for Big Bang and I wish the show continued success, although I do have some reservations.

Writing a weekly sitcom is a massive challenge but none more so than keeping the plot lines fresh and interesting. Ten seasons is a *ton* of stories to tell and even though the cast expanded to seven actors a few years back, there’s only so many character dynamics they can introduce. This year’s stories between Penny and Leonard have sometimes seemed forced and even mean-spirited. Leonard’s wavering support of Penny’s career in The Hesitation Ramification really didn’t bode well for their relationship and was rough to watch. Then we have Sheldon and Amy. Their relationship has moved forward a great deal this season including their very first kiss in The Locomotion Manipulation, but if the show is to survive they need to grow even further. The trick for the writers is not to jump the Shamy shark too soon. We’re all waiting for the episode where Amy and Sheldon finally have “coitus” as Sheldon would say, but once it happens where do they go from there? Will the so-called “Big Bang” be anti-climatic once it finally happens? And what about Howard and Bernadette? Their stories seem to have been put on the back burner lately, hopefully with 3 new seasons we’ll see more of them and maybe even a glimpse at Howard’s mom. And don’t get me started on Raj, that poor boy.

As a fan I’m delighted that my favorite comedy will be around for years to come. I especially enjoy this year’s guest stars like Bill Nye and Bob Newhart, I hope we see more of them. If anyone can continue to give us stories that make us laugh, squee with geeky delight and tear up week after week, it’s the Big Bang team. I know a lot of people don’t like the show and it’s over-the-top style, studio audience howling and nerd-centric jokes. But for those of us who tune in each week, The Big Bang Theory brightens our day, eases our stress and let’s us see a little bit of our geeky selves in the lives of Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Lenoard Hofstadter. It’s like a comforting, warm beverage served up by a close, funny friend and who doesn’t like that?


  1. Gotta agree on each and every point. Leonard’s character is getting mean-spirited (not just with Penny, but at times with the others as well). It’s a deepening character trait that was there in the beginning, but leaving the realm of comedy and losing its charm – largely because it’s not as balanced anymore with his kindness and generosity (not monetary generosity like with the car recently).

    Sheldon and Amy – yeah, it’s kind of hard to see how they can continue the way they have or how Sheldon will have to evolve to cope with more. (Although the tender D&D scene was incredible.)

    And of course, Howard, Bernie and Raj – there’s a lot that can be played with here if they’ll move that direction.

    Agree, agree, agree my friend!

  2. I don’t mind episodes that “call back” other, older episodes. But shows like “The Big Bang Theory” work best if they remain independent, and can be watched in any order, especially with syndication. I don’t like shows where you’d have to have watched the last, like, 5 seasons to get the jokes.

    That said, the show needs more of Raj’s parents. If they were in person (versus on Skype or FaceTime), I’d love that.

    Oh, one more thing: I think the writers made a mistake having Raj lose his selective mutism. Having Raj whisper into Howard’s ear, and having Howard answer the question recalled those classic Bob Newhart phone call routines.

    Rant over.

  3. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! This show reminds me of a really great time in my past when I worked with a great bunch of people. Our department had a diverse group of people who had different interests, education, religion, backgrounds and cultures but got along famously. This show emulates our department exactly! It shows how a diverse group of people can become great friends. The writing is absolutely excellent! A lot of the shows storyline rings true to life! My hubby and the people who I use to work with have said or done things that have been on this show. I remember a time when 3 of my co-workers, you know who you are, came to work dressed in Star Trek outfits! I on the other hand did not share their enthusiasm and wondered why they liked doing it? I may not have been a trekkie but those 3 guys accepted me for who I was and I accepted them for who they were. That might explain why I married a guy who loves Star Wars, Apple Computer and who would love to go to Comic Con! It gives me such great satisfaction to watch Big Bang Theory and be able to giggle uncontrollably and point at my husband and say, “You totally would have said that!” or “That would have totally happened with the guys I use to work with!” Big Bang Theory always puts a smile on my face! I am very pleased to see that this show will be on TV for the next 3 seasons. My deepest appreciation goes to the writers and actors in this show. They totally nail it! Big Bang Theory ROCKS!

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