Why I’m Buying an iPhone 5c

I’ve owned an iPhone 4s for almost 2 years now and had been patiently awaiting the successor to the iPhone 5 until this week. When the 5 was first introduced, I was off-cycle for a discounted upgrade from AT&T and when I finally was eligible I thought I might as well just wait and see. I was hoping the increasing popularity of larger-screened smartphones would encourage Apple to release at least an iPhone with a 4.6″ screen in their next rev, but as I tweeted this past week, it seems Tim Cook’s pigs have yet to fly.

Now I have a choice to make. I can go with the fancy new iPhone 5s, complete with 64-bit hardware, a greatly improved camera and a cool fingerprint scanner, or I can “settle” for a 5 wrapped in a lickable, candy-coated plastic shell, the iPhone 5c. The gadget freak in me says to go with the snazzy 5s. After all, its increased speed would hold up better over the next 1.5-2 years and the pictures I took would no doubt be greatly improved from those I snap now. The 5s is more expensive, but that wasn’t the deciding factor, at least not for me.

I’ve chosen to go with the iPhone 5c for a couple reasons, but mainly because of comfort. For my money, the most comfortable smartphone to hold and use was the iPhone 3GS. Its slightly rounded back, smooth plastic construction and tight edges made it a joy to hold and use. When the iPhone 4 was introduced, I really didn’t like the device’s form factor. The metal band creates sharp edges that fatigue the fingers and collect dirt. In addition, to me the device is *too* thin to hold safely without a case. The new iPhone 5c’s smooth curves, and seamless sides call out to the scifi geek in me and the colors, oh the colors! It’s much more streamlined, minimal in appearance and seems easier to pick up off the table. I must admit however, if I could have the 5s’ guts inside the smooth, plastic shell of the 5c, I’d opt for that in a plastic heartbeat.

I know that no matter which model I pick, either will be a great upgrade from my 4s. Although it’s served me well these last two years, I’m more than ready for the increased screen size, faster processor power and increased battery life of a new iPhone. With any luck, around this time next year Apple will be introducing a 4.6″ iPhone that will sport an all new form-factor as well as all the neat-o gadgets that are sure to make the iPhone 5s a huge success. In the meantime, unlike Kermit, it’s easy being green.

PS – iOS 7 is awesome, you’re gonna love it!


  1. I’ve always liked buying the S variants as the new form factors seem to always have some sort of kinks that need working out. Especially with the antenna issues on the iPhone 4, I think I’m going to continue getting the s variants for the sake of having the most refined version of whatever new form factor came out last year.

    The soon to be proud owner of an iPhone 5s

  2. I’ve had an iPhone 4 for many years now and had not given much thought to upgrading until the recent furor over new versions, new phones, new options. Friends and acquaintances have made choices and have had some regrets. I’m not an early adopter and while I admire the leading edge folks, I fear for the “bleeding edge” of grabbing at new technology that is barely out of the testing phase.

    I’ve got confidence in Apple and believe they make good products and, more importantly, make good on promises both made and implied by their product features. No tech company is immune to the unpredictable result of wide release of a new product, moving from controlled testing environments to the real-world day-to-day use of that product. Everyone handles their tech differently than the engineers and designers would have imagined.

    Okay, all that rambling was in my head and now I’ve shared it…and all I can say is that when I’m ready to upgrade my iPhone, it will be to another iPhone, but I am not entirely sure which version. Thanks for sharing your views, Ged. I value your educated and informed opinions. I’ll be sure to let you know what I do choose when my budget allows me to dive into a new iPhone!

  3. I agree with you 100%. For years I’ve been saying that the 3GS form factor made more sense.

    Slate, Star Trek like, form factors are very cool looking – but without a case, an eventual endurance challenge for your hands.

    Very happy we’re moving back to (more) durable iPhones.


  4. Thanks for sharing this Ged. It’s a great piece and thankfully we’ve eventually seen the tech press slowly starting to show some love to the 5C.

    Initially they were all gaga over the 5S but like you, for me the 5C was the clear choice from the beginning. Sadly many tech bloggers dismiss it as just an iPhone 5 in a plastic case and in so doing completely pass over this gem of a device.

    I wrote a little blog post of my own at the time just to try and somehow convey how great the 5C is and as a counter weight to the overexposure of 5S articles.

    I think in time we’ll see the 5C hopefully surpass the S in long term popularity as it’s, to my mind anyway, the perfect iPhone at this point in time.

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