You Complete Me

It’s been almost seven months since the release of the Apple iPad and in that time I’ve gotten to know the device very well. I know what the iPad is good at and what it could do better, and I’ve come to embrace the fact that I love the darned thing. Lately, I was struck by just how much it has changed my daily routines and work flow. Before the iPad, after work I would come home and spend some time relaxing before dinner. This usually involved watching some TV or surfing the web on my Mac in my home office. After dinner I would invariably end up back in front of the computer surfing, answering email, playing online games or just generally putzing around.

Just this past week I suddenly came to the realization that I had not sat down in front of my iMac for nearly a week. Honestly, at first I thought this had to have been a mistake, I mean comon, a week? Sure enough, if not for an automated email bill payment reminder I received, I might have gone even longer. Incredibly, the iPad has allowed me to do nearly everything I used to use my desktop Mac for on a nightly basis. I surf, check email and especially tweet, all from the comfort of my living room via my iPad. The typical routine of gravitating to the home office has transformed into one of relaxing in front of the TV, iPad in hand, playing a friendly game of Carcassonne or watching an episode of Babylon 5 via Netflix until I usually fall asleep on the couch.

There are still some things still I prefer to do on my iMac such as online banking, instant messaging with friends (the AIM app on the iPad just doesn’t cut it) and of course doing actual work in Photoshop and Illustrator. But aside from these tasks, which seem to come few and far between, the iPad gets the job done with style. Its super-long battery life, combined with my favorite applications mean that I have the power to do what I enjoy in a mobile setting that doesn’t involve a keyboard or burning my lap. The iPad hasn’t replaced my need for a desktop computer just yet, but it has unchained me from my desk and given me reason to pause when I start to head into the home office. I think to myself “Is this something I could do on my iPad?” It’s no wonder PC netbook makers are scared. They should be, this is the future of personal computing.


  1. Have you tried any programs to let you control the iMac from the iPad? That’s the last piece I need before breaking down and replacing my laptop with a desktop/iPad combo (which, honestly, I really need to upgrade my laptop at this point). I wonder if it’s do-able to do some slow and light Photoshop work from the iPad whilst watching TV in the evenings or if that’s just not realistic yet.

  2. I don’t even bring my laptop home with me any more when I leave the office in the evening. I just leave it at work.
    And that’s the only computer I have, so that means I don’t have a “computer” at home!

  3. I’m convinced I’ll be buying the Windows version when its released. The Mac version just is too expensive for me, and doesn’t run on Windows which is another problem….

  4. Ender,

    I’ve actually not tried any of those Mac-controlling apps yet. Its a neat idea, I’ll definitely have to give it a try!

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