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CNN reports from yesterday’s Tea Party demonstration in Washington D.C. and discovers a “dark fringe“. Better late than never I suppose. The problem is that this so-called fringe is not really just a few people, it’s tens of thousands and growing every single day. These are people who spout complete and utter lunacy as if it were fact. Sterilization camps, the return of communism, forced abortion and much more are all part of their world view. If watching this clip doesn’t scare the living crap out of you, then you must be a Republican.

The problem I have with these people isn’t that they are taking to the streets to express their batshit crazy views. This is the United States of America and they are pretty much free to say whatever they want (short of actually threatening the President). I also think it’s wonderful they can protest out in the open and are not confined to “free speech zones” like those set up by the previous administration.

My problem is that all of these people seem to forget that issues like health care reform were part of the process running up to the election last fall. America listened to the discussion, we watched the debates and we decided we liked what Obama represented and put him into office. If that simple truth is too bitter a pill for the right to swallow, then they should have showed up on November 4th to vote for John McCain in greater numbers. They can protest to high heaven, but it doesn’t change the fact that they’re all sore losers and unfortunately more than a few of them are closet racists. Something tells me if our President was a white southerner who was pushing for these kinds of health insurance reforms, we wouldn’t be seeing this level of anger and protests. Think I’m crazy? Then why were so many of the Tea Party members silent while George W. Bush was running up the largest deficit in U.S. history? No, it’s never been about the money or the policies for the majority of these people, it’s about Barack Obama and their loss of power. Plain and simple.

UPDATE: Politico puts some of this in perspective along with the idea that Obama has a heavier burden than most new Presidents due to his race. There is strong evidence that many people in this country can’t bring themselves to accept a black President. I whole-heartedly agree. Gwen Dawkins, Democratic activists says “Black people have lived under white presidents since day one,” Dawkins observed, “So would you give him a chance?” Unfortunately it appears blind hate and ignorance of facts trumps history, tolerance and common sense.


  1. The lunatics are in charge. Ignorance and stupidity rule the day. Frankly, I’ve given up on humankind. If everyone is stupid enough to believe that shit, let them. I’m done jousting windmills.

  2. And make no mistake, Ged (and whoever else read this). These “protests” aren’t about health care reform, the war in Iraq, energy or anything else.

    It’s about hate. These people hate President Obama and are using the issues as an excuse to spew their venom. The issue itself doesn’t even matter, as evidenced by the ignorance spewed from their mouths. It’s obvious they aren’t educating themselves about the issues (“Our liberties are being taken away.” Really? I defy you to identify one liberty Americans have lost since January ’09), just hating.

    It’s going to get violent and escalate to a large-scale problem very soon.

  3. Reminds me of the Daily Kos, MoveON, Keith Olbermann, Huffington Post, and a bunch of local liberal bloggers crying about fascism, trampling the Constitution, high crimes and misdemeanors during the Bush Administration.

    Funny how you guys don’t like being treated the same way you treat your opposition.

  4. Sam is incapable of identifying contextual differences. If he can find a similarity in vocabulary, his “thinking” does not go beyond “But liberals…”

    Doubt it? Ask him if there is any commentary by the protesters in the video above with which he disagrees. Answer? It doesn’t matter, liberals used similar words when Bush was in office, so the current “treatment” is justified regardless of context, meaning or accuracy.

  5. Sam, if you think these two events are similar you must be on that same planet that Barney Frank chastised that town haller a few weeks back.

    Here are a few differences for your reference:

    • Protesters bringing loaded weapons including assault rifles to their events
    • Entire events being organized by the host of a major TV network ie Glenn Beck
    • Threatening the use of violence (civil war) if demands are not met
    • Protesting a war of choice where men & women are maimed and killed ≠ protesting health care reform
    • Organizing such vitriolic protests a mere 6 months into the new administration as compared to 2 years into the Bush admin

    I could go on, but you won’t agree with my points anyway so I’m not going to waste any more time defining more for you.

  6. • Protesters bringing loaded weapons including assault rifles to their events

    Bullchet on the assault rifles, of which you clearly have a revisionist definition. (a quick education, an assault rifle is a fully automatic weapon) I don’t recall anyone being arrested for carrying LEGAL weapons which is their right.

    • Entire events being organized by the host of a major TV network ie Glenn Beck

    Golly gee, an event has an organizer. The community organized. Where have I heard that before?

    • Threatening the use of violence (civil war) if demands are not met.

    Are you wetting your pants yet? There are millions and millions of legal, law abiding gun owners in the country who view their right to bear arms as a last resort to a tyrannical government. Hasn’t gotten to that point yet but the responsible citizenry have prepared.

    • Protesting a war of choice where men & women are maimed and killed ≠ protesting health care reform

    Kind of stings when you support the politicians who are supporting a war with maiming and killing going one, doesn’t it? Add to that the revised rules of engagement that are killing US troops and you have Vietnam II, brought to you by the current administration.

    • Organizing such vitriolic protests a mere 6 months into the new administration as compared to 2 years into the Bush admin

    Wah. You are used to the old Knee-padded GOP politicians that had no spine. If the “crazed protestors” have their way these politicians will be out of office next year.

  7. Hugh,

    I didn’t say it wasn’t their right to carry weapons to these protests, but does it make it a good idea? Clearly no. Also, I was stating the difference between the Iraq war protests and the health care protests. Clearly there is a difference even if you and Sam refuse to see it.

    Re: community organizer – You didn’t respond to my point. There were no major media figures involved in organizing the Iraq war protests, and yet Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and others see no problem with injecting themselves into the Tea Party plans. Why is that?

    Re: Threats of violence – There’s absolutely no evidence that the government is about to revoke the 2nd amendment or their rights to carry weapons. Hysterical threats to people or government bodies is what separates the left from the right in this instance. You’re not paying attention.

    And finally “Wah”? That’s the best you have for the pathetic, immature, unable to deal with the fact that they lost attitude of the right these past six months? The President and his administration deserves some time to implement his policies and see the net effect on the nation. Bush was afforded that right, Obama should be too. If you can’t see the hypocrisy in this, then that’s your fault not mine.

  8. Maybe we should put the right wing fringe in a room with the left wing “fringe” of Acorn, MoveOn, et al and see who comes out alive. My guess is the left wing fringe as that encompasses what looks like the whole of the left these days.

  9. The only “context” is one of utter hypocrisy. Did you people hear that Obama plans on extending the Patriot Act? Better get out your protest drums.

    Yes, context- which translate to “there is a clear difference- your guy was a conservative and ours is a liberal”.

    In the world of Roch and others, the difference is how many different but not distinctive contrasts can be made in order to avoid the apt accusation of hypocrisy.

  10. Yes, Ged, hanging/burning Bush in effigy during Iraq War protests was not symbolic of any fringe. Once again, unless someone adopts your value system, they are simply wrong.

    Your distinctions are without substance considering the premise of your post and the facts surrounding many of those who protested during the Bush years.

  11. Whether you choose to believe it or not, there are significant differences between the protests that happened during the Iraq war and the ones that are happening now. Not the least of which is the massive effort to organize and promote the Tea Bag protests by FOX News. Last time I checked, real news outlets covered events, they didn’t help stage them. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    Please explain how you think its okay for FOX to do this Sam. I really want to hear your opinion on how non-biased FOX is in relation to their efforts to bash the President. I’d also like to know how you morally equate protests of war to that of health care reform. Because they don’t even come close to each other.

  12. How about a thread on how the left is targeting children with their propaganda. At least those on the right who seem so “radical” are adults and can make their own decisions. Having children sing a song of praise to Obama is despicable. I would expect this in N Korea not here in the USA.

    And imagine the outrage if the song was about the true messiah rather than the faux version as one of the verses alludes to.


  13. Delow24,

    You’re a perfect example of the paranoid right that has taken over this country I was blogging about. A group of kids singing a song in respect to the President hardly is tantamount to “indoctrination”. Did you have a problem back in 1983 when my teacher told me to send jelly beans to President Ronald Reagan as a means of thanking him?

    Like it or not, Obama is a role model for kids all across the country simply because he’s the first African American President. Sure songs are going to be sung about him. Do you think the White House planned / orchestrated that event with the kids? If so, you’re fooling yourself.

    Let’s not forget all the propaganda songs that were sung after Bush removed Sadam from power all over Iraq by the kids there too. No one on the left accused Bush of indoctrination. Please try to have an open mind. Don’t be constrained by paranoia and fear.

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