Limbaugh Insults & Dishonors GOP Veteran on Air

How anyone can listen to one word that comes out of this hate-spewing, hard-core right-wing loon is beyond me. Conservatives always try to make comparisons to Olberman or Schultz when you talk about Rush, Hannity and their ilk, but they don’t even come close. No one on the left would do to a veteran who served in two branches of the military what Rush Limbaugh does to this caller. This loyal GOP voter simply had had enough of Rush’s bullshit and decided to call him on it.

Rather than take his lumps and move on, Limbaugh decides to cut him off, berate and insult him and the entire United States military in one fell swoop. Our brave men and women in uniform deserve far better than anything this neocon has to offer. In addition, no one on the right who listens to this man has a moral leg to stand on when accusing the left of not loving their country or the military. Listen to the whole thing, it’s simply disgusting.


  1. It pains me to listen to Rush Limbaugh. His show is a free-fire zone of ignorance, stupidity, and lies.

    Contrast that with Al Franken, who proved the merits of honest intellectual debate. Franken had been in radio a fraction of the time Rush has, but was able to use that platform to advance what in all rights is a successful senatorial campaign.

  2. Rush makes his dough on controversy. No one listens to Howard Stern because it’s a safe, boring show.

    When guys like DJ Don Imus finally is punished for crossing the line – it’s a real rarity. Even Rush slapping a vet in the face with his 2-inch penis is acceptable to most Americans.

    Rush has always been a right-wing mouthpiece and will stay that way. That is until he O.D.’s on a wicked combination pain pills and extra large pizzas.

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