Greensboro Apple Store Opening Set

According to an unofficial announcement in the News & Record, the date for the opening of the Greensboro Apple Store has been set as Sat., February 21st. The new Apple store at the Shops at Friendly Center is reported to be North Carolina’s largest and promises to be a Mecca for Apple fans across the triad. All this is conjecture of course since there has been no official word from the Apple retail website.

Center hours are from 10am – 6pm on Saturdays, so I think it’s safe to assume the new store will open at 10am that day. I and a bunch of the guys from work will definitely be attending the opening so perhaps we’ll see you there. Just watch for the gaggle of geeks wearing the Iconfactory t-shirts. Just one more week folks!


  1. Great News if it happens. I have been waiting for an Apple Store closer than Durham. I only wish that it were going to be located in Downtown Greensboro.

  2. I am not crazy about comment moderation. But, if you think that your blog will generate comments that you don’t want, I guess it is ok.
    So far, I have not found this measure necessary on my blog.

  3. Wow! i hadn’t heard it was going to be the biggest store in the state. It looks to be he same size as the Durham store but, looks can be deceiving. I’m looking forward to having a place to get my Mac fix.

    Let’s just hope there’s not a Microsoft store nearby any time soon.


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