Greensboro Apple Store Update

Yep, it’s still there and it’s still being worked on. The only visible difference on the facade of the future home of the Greensboro Apple Store is the corporate logo and URL that’s been added in the past week. My friends Anthony, Louie and David managed to sneak a peek inside when nobody was looking and reported that the Genius Bar logo is on the wall, and the interior is coming along. They said it seemed “big”, but I’m dubious since there’s no displays, shelves, etc yet.

At any rate, if the word on the street is true, hopefully sometime in February we’ll have a new place to go and buy shiny new Apple hardware in Greensboro. All of us at the Iconfactory can hardly wait. You can be sure we’ll be right there in the front of the line when the store opens. If you want to see the latest pictures of the store, head over to my Flickr page for some pictures that no one but Apple junkies would find thrilling.

UPDATE: A little bird, no not that one, told me that the Greensboro Apple store should be done and open by Valentine’s Day. Keeping my finger’s crossed!


  1. Thx for the update I’ve been wondering what’s going on with the store.
    I don’t want to travel to Southpoint mall anymore.

  2. Went by there on Sunday, the counters appear to be in, the Genius bar itself is in, front counter is in, track lights up, iPod displays are up. Looks like just the shelves and actually wiring up the displays are what’s left.

    Haven’t found any official date or even an announcement that it’s opening soon, but my guess is it will be within the next 2 weeks at most.

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