O-Day +1

So after yesterday’s celebration, today Barack Obama got down to business. Not wanting to waste any time, Obama took off his coat, sat down in the Oval Office and started doing good things immediately. In case you missed it, here’s some of the awesome stuff President Obama got accomplished on day one:

• In order to set a good example for the country during this time of economic crisis, Obama froze the pay for many members of his administration making over $100,000 a year. Unlike the previous administration, evidently the buck stops here.

• Obama introduced sweeping new ethics reform for how lobbyists can function in his administration. The new rules Obama laid out seem pretty obvious now, but for some reason were never put into practice by previous administrations.

• Put the wheels in motion to get Gitmo closed within a year. Given how poorly the military tribunals there have been received by world governments, human rights groups and Americans at large, restoring captive’s rights toward a fair trial is critical to regaining the moral high ground.

• He pissed off Rush Limbaugh by issuing a Presidential memo restoring transparency to any and all White House records. Obama made it a point of distinction that his administration would function under the notion of more openness, not less. Secrecy, while important, should only be invoked in matters of national security or high sensitivity. Rush said on his radio show today that he’s worried the new openness will make it easier for people to dig up Bush misdeeds. You don’t say Rush, really?

• Obama re-took the oath of office late today after the botched job by Justice Roberts during the inauguration. Although he most likely didn’t have to, he none-the-less did and thereby corked any possible dispute that might have arisen from the incorrect oath he took yesterday. Obama’s willingness to correct a small error like this speaks volumes about how different he is from George W. Bush.

Five positive steps in one day. Not bad Mr. President, not bad. If you keep this up, you just may live up to all the hype. Color me impressed.


  1. Amazing…freezing pay for some, token b.s. Do you really believe anyone would get a raise in this environment? Use your head for more than a ahat rack.

    As for Gitmo…we’ll see how this plays out. First, I don’t believe he will actually close the facility as indicated. But, if he does, best to get prepared for trouble.

    Americans are so naive! Having many friends from various European countries, I can tell you they are rejoicing on the other side of the pond. Not because they think we did something great, rather because they now believe they can now reassert their power on the global stage. How stupid…we never learn.

  2. Yes, absolutely great! I love that all these people that say he cannot do it, he will not do it once he is president, meh meh meh, will get more and more silent.

    On the other hand, I had some nice little pokes for America telling the world about how to do it right, and then engaging in their own Banana Republic practice. I will have to retire them.

    Even better! Being cynical is no good.

  3. Good luck,

    I too have friends “over there” and they tell me exactly the opposite from what you’re saying. They are glad we’ve finally thrown away measures of arrogance and Might Makes Right™ that Bush represented. Billions of people around the world didn’t watch Tuesday’s events to gloat, they watched because of hope.

    As for the pay freezes, even a token gesture can have an impact. These are all seperate parts that, taken as a whole outline how Obama is different from Bush. W. didn’t freeze White House pay, Obama did. There is more to come as well, he’s just getting started.

  4. Its a good thing that Obama is focused so much on closing Guantanamo Bay instead of fixing the economy. After all, that IS what he was elected for… right? Obama campaigned on change yet his cabinet is filled with Clinton era retreads. So he failed there. He also said he would get to work on the economy yet he hasn’t mentioned it since prior to Jan 20th. So he is failing there. His presidency is going to be a joke, it already is.

  5. Died,

    Let me say this as succinctly as I possibly can – you’re a fool. Either that or you’re a red-state loser who’s trying to rub our rhubarb the wrong way just to get your ya-yas.

    Yes, Obama’s Presidency is failing and is a joke. All this from just 3 days in office as opposed to the 8 years of f*uck-ups Bush prided himself on. Please come back to this discussion at least when you’ve hit puberty and can attempt to discuss things like an adult. Then, and only then, we just might take you seriously.

  6. Good luck,

    What nonsense! We Europeans are your friends. We are the closest allies you have in the world, and we care. That I, for one, make some quippy remarks sometimes comes from the fact that I still feel offended by how the Bush administration, and especially Mr. Rumsfeld, treated us.

    Actually we really want you to lead! But in the way that President Obama said in his inauguration speech: Leading by example! Not by talking about one thing, and then doing the opposite.

    I still cannot understand why there are so many people in the USA that do not understand their own constitution. Its great! It looks simple, but every word is there for a reason.


    This is the right thing! This is what should have been done all the time though, but nonetheless it blows me away after these last 8 years of Banana Republic USA. How could anyone be against that?

  7. Thanks for the great post, Ged. I hadn’t seen the Limbaugh freakout until now. What a gross pig he is. The people remaining who think “Rush is right” are proving themselves shallow patsies.

    But, yes, I too am concerned that after three days on the job, Obama has addressed Gitmo without fixing the economy. I guess Obama is not the Messiah Rush mislead his listener to think his supporters thought he was.

  8. It must be really helpful to not let facts and stuff get in the way of your thinking. Also being able to make up things and believe them is also pretty handy.

    Good luck with the the monumental task of spinning all of Obama’s failures into successes!

  9. First off, I am a Citizen of the United States of America. I am not affiliated with any political party. I am not a Republican, I am not a Democrat, etc.

    Everyone who is a citizen of the United States of America is a Citizen of the United States of America. What happens in this country affects all, regardless of where one is on the socioeconomic ladder.

    Political party affiliation doesn’t make one smarter than another, make one more ethical or moral than another, or make one more rich than another. We are Americans. That’s what connects us, more so than political party affiliation.

    Instead of pointing out flaws in what politicians are doing, we should try suggesting solutions. Cooperation makes hard work easier for everyone. (No, I don’t say Socialism or Communism is the answer.)

    Let’s work together to create unity instead of division. Is this an ideal? Yes, it is. Will it work? I don’t know. We can try it and find out. It’s a better use of time and energy than placing blame or finding a scapegoat for this country’s problems.

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