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It’s a Good Day!

Stumbled across this upbeat video on YouTube and just had to share. This is the kind of thing that my friends and I totally would have made back at RIT, so I feel like these guys are kindred spirits. Considering this mini-musical was obviously shot in a college dorm with zero budget, I think they did a pretty damned fine job. Sing it gentlemen!

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  1. Ged,

    That video completely reminds me of all the filming you guys did while we rambled around the halls of RIT! I hesitate to call them hallowed halls only because they keep renovating them, so our halls aren’t what they were “back in the day.”

    I like this cheerful “show-stopper” song too and it hit me in just the right place this morning. Hey, that reminds me…do you have any of that old footage from our RIT days? That would make some really entertaining YouTube fodder!

    Take care and it’s a good day!

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