Seeing Red

I love North Carolina, but sometimes living here can be frustrating. Today, on my three mile round trip to grab lunch at Wendy’s, I saw no less than 6 yard signs for McCain / Palin and not one for Barack Obama. This isn’t surprising considering I live in what my wife and I affectionately call, “the boonies”. McCain / Palin and even Bush support runs as high here as ever, which is remarkable considering around 80% of Americans think the country is on the wrong track. To make matters worse, the homes that displayed these signs were, shall we say, not well off. One appeared to be a single bedroom home no larger than 1,000 square feet, and another was straight out of The Grapes of Wrath.

Logically, these McCain supporters would benefit more from an Obama presidency than from a McCain administration. Obama’s tax cuts on middle class Americans would seem to be right down rural North Carolina’s alley. Obama wants to stop shipping jobs overseas and give consideration to small businesses that strengthen our local economies, not weaken them. But it seems that folks around these parts vote more on their so-called “values” instead of the issues and policies that should concern them most. Strange when you consider that lately, even John McCain’s values have been anything but honorable. I’ve been driving around town with my Obama ’08 bumper magnet for weeks, but it may be time to finally upgrade to an Obama yard sign. I can’t let my neighbors have all the fun.

UPDATE: Maybe I just need to move to Charlotte. Check out the huge crowd that came to see Obama speak today. Somehow I just don’t see McCain / Palin drawing that kind of crowd, even in crimson North Carolina.


  1. Michael,

    Thanks for posting those links! This bit about the yard signs vs getting people registered is wonderful. It also might help explain why I haven’t see any Obama signs at all.


  2. “Logically, these McCain supporters would benefit more from an Obama presidency than from a McCain administration.”

    Maybe they actually believe the saying “Ask not what your country can do for you ….”

    JFK policies would fit nicely in todays Republican party. Amazing how far the Democrats has driven into the leftist ditch.

  3. For the last two years the dem’s have had control of both the house and sanete ! why is it that every one is so blind? Obama iwas one of those who could have stopped this mess yet they blame Bush who can’t be at fault since he does not run either the house or sanete Obama is a liar and will prove to be the worst thing since the black plague in europe! He stared out going to an islamic school for four years and also then when he ggrew up in college and after he was pals with a known terrorist !what is wron with people dont they know that he is one of them?

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