They’ve Got Palin Covered

It took me over 2 months of research to put together my list of 100 reasons why I didn’t think McCain would be President post. It’s taken Kos only a few hours to come up with 49 (so far) reasons why Sarah Palin was a poor choice for McCain’s running mate. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Palin was not vetted properly by McCain’s team prior to him selecting her. He only met her once before he made his choice and the cracks are starting to show. Some of my personal favorites from this new list are:

2. – She advocated AGAINST mine safety / pollution control

29. – She was a bad mayor who left her town’s economy in tatters.

30. – She originally supported Obama’s energy plan.

42. – She supports the outlawed aerial hunting of wolves.

48. – There have been discussion of witness tampering and possible impeachment hearings related to charges of her abuse of power.

We’re hearing a great deal about how Palin has re-energized the Republican base. McCain has generated a lot of cash since the announcement, but this really is to be expected. It happens every time there is a major milestone in a campaign. I suspect the further along we go, the more unpleasant things we’ll learn about her. And even if that doesn’t happen, her conservative stance on the issues will simply serve to magnify the “four more years” argument for voters. There’s other stuff on the horizon as well, but it’s too early to tell about that. Yet.

UPDATE: Turns out undecided, independent voters are picking up on her downsides pretty darned quickly. Check out this video of GOP pollster Frank Luntz’s attempt to see how well Palin will bolster McCain’s popularity. That is, until the majority of the people in the room tell him just the opposite. You can almost see him literally start to squirm half way through. Obviously this poor focus group performance will somehow be good news for McCain. Somehow.


  1. Christian,

    Obama is FAR more qualified than Palin for a number of reasons. But the most important one is that millions of voters have already made their choice clear that they believe Obama is ready by making him their candidate for President by a wide margin. Palin was picked out of thin air by one man, John McCain.

    Additionally after visiting your blog, I find it sad and offensive that you equate Christianity with closed-minded, anti-compassionate views. Jesus said “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. That is the heart of the liberal movement, and yes, even to some degree, socialism. I am my brother’s keeper. I am my sister’s keeper.

    I will say some prayers for you tonight to Jesus and Mary that they may put the light of understanding back into your closed, cold heart. Your god is not the God I was raised to know and love, and certainly not the God of Christianity.

    This of course, however is my personal opinion.

  2. I’m pretty confused over the coming 2008 elections. I have voted republican in the past, partially because I was raised that way, and because I have generally aligned with what I believed to be republican ideals.

    I’m getting particularly frustrated with the conservative right, however. It really does seem like the right tends to forge ahead, with its unwavering black-and-white banners of righteousness–which comes across as being uncompromising, unthinking, and really pretty stupid. I have difficulty comprehending how someone can, in good conscience, vote for a political candidate based on their views of a couple of hot-button social issues (abortion, stem cell research, gay marriage), while practically ignoring the broader (and arguably more important) topics of the economy, international politics, and the environment.

    I’m a Christian, so while I do tend to oppose things like abortion and gay marriage, it’s not because some Christian leader told me to think that way. And because I hold these views does not mean I’m unwilling to listen to other opinion. It also does not mean that I will attempt to vote against a candidate that wishes to legalize abortion, for example, if all of his other policies are faultless.

    I appreciate your commentary, because for the first time I’m considering voting democratic, and I find your opinions as being fairly objective and well thought out. It’s difficult to find a balanced view of the candidates online, because most political blogs have heavy agendas. It’s nearly impossible to know who to believe. Do you recommend any resources for someone like me?

  3. Brandon,

    I can’t say thanks enough for such a kind and honest post as yours. It’s really refreshing to come across someone on the other side of the aisle that is willing to discuss topics like these with respect and rationality. I don’t always manage it myself, but I thank you for the nod, I appreciate it greatly.

    As for resources, the best one I can point you at is http://www.politico.com/ When the site first started, I thought it was very right-leaning, a kind of answer for Huffington Post. But the more I’ve gotten to know the contributors there, I have to say that they really have tried hard to shoot down the middle of the road. They do not shy away from facts no matter where they might lead and more often than not, they tell it like it is. Sometimes they slant left, sometimes they slant right, but they usually are right on the ball. Check them out, I think you’ll be surprised.

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