Sing Me A Story

I threw out a fun idea for a group blog post today on Twitter and received a lot of positive feedback. A number of talented bloggers took me up on a simple proposal – What are some of your favorite “story songs”? Everyone loves music, but often times songs that tell a story stand head and shoulders above the rest. The musical tales these songs tell turn them into either one hit wonders, or classic generational hits. Which artists write the most loved story songs and is there a consensus on the best one of all time? We just may find out.

The rules for the group blog post are easy. Choose up to 5 of your favorite songs that weave a story and simply tell us why they made your list. You can be as detailed or generic as you would like, but be sure to keep your picks secret until the group post. Then, on Wednesday, September 3rd, publish your blog post along with with links to the other bloggers who are participating. We’ll get a peek inside your musical tastes and just might discover some new songs to fall in love with in the process.

Anyone is welcome to join in the fun (the more the better!), just leave your name and blog URL in the comments below. In the meantime, here is the list of bloggers who have so far agreed to participate. In no particular order, they are:

David Miller (@davegobe)
Living in the Now

David Schultz (@dvsjr)
The (mis)adventures of a macintosh administrator

Mike Schramm (@mikeschramm)

Dave Caolo (@panache)
Hardcore Geek

Von Glitschka (@vonster)
Glitschka Studios

Andy Rudkin (@mizaru)

Christina Warren (@film_girl)

Austin Heller (@austinheller)

Mason Sklar (@zargap)

Allen Emory
A. Emory

Alain Edouard (@alainedouard)

Mark Goody (@marramgrass)

Jamie Parkins
The Sound of Silence


  1. Cool! Now I have a BIG reason to look forward to some great blog reading on the 3rd! Oh, if only I had my own blog…one of these days, I swear I will!


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  3. I am experiencing issues with my host’ servers. So, I have changed in internet host (and URL). I am sorry!!

    I couldn’t even perform an 301 redirect, because I wasn’t even able to connect in any way.

    Please consider changing my URL:
    The new URL is: http://www.alainedouard.co.cc/

    Deeply sorry for the inconvenience,


  4. Ged! Nevermind for the new URL. The service banned me for no reason. I’m sorry, I am having issues with everything! I guess it’s not my lucky day.

    Unfortunately, I will not be able to add the post to my blog for September 3rd. As soon as it will be fixed I’ll post with the link (this week!).

    Can’t wait to see the results of the group blog post! 🙂

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