Oh. My. Gods.

If you’ve been tuning in for our weekly installments of Sci-Fi Cast, then you know I’ve been bummed out about the direction that Katie Sackhoff’s character on Battlestar Galactica has been taking. It seems like Ron Moore was using Starbuck as a kind of space version of Captain Ahab, obsessed with finding Earth, and only caring about what shade of burnt umber would look best on her cabin walls.

Even if last week’s episode hadn’t been a complete 180 for the hot-shot space jockey, I’d be tempted to throw all that out the window thanks to a photo shoot of Katie and her two Galactica co-stars, Tricia Helfer and Grace Park, which was recently published by Interview Magazine. Lords of Kobol, I think I’m gonna need a cold shower! You gotta hand it to Galactica’s creators, they sure know how to promote the series to the 18-25 (and 39) year old male demographic. With all the gritty, realistic scenes that Starbuck and her co-horts get thrown into every week, photos like these seem somehow surreal. I just can’t picture Starbuck riding around on a Harley in a bikini, let alone chumming it up with Six and Boomer in the California desert. But since the series is coming to an end, and we’ll probably never see the likes of these three lovely ladies together again, who am I to wonder why? So say we all!


  1. Apart from the photo you have illustrating your blog, that is a seriously unflattering set of photos. I’ll agree that those are three hot young ladies, but this is not the photoshoot I was hoping for!

  2. Damn! Katee looks good as a girl 🙂

    This may be an unpopular decision, but Grace is my favorite of the three. I think it’s the glowing spine that does it for me.

  3. Jason,

    I can almost hear Ben now… “This isn’t the photo shoot you were looking for.”

    Stormtrooper – “These aren’t the photos we’ve been looking for.”


  4. I agree with Jason, this shoot kinda stinks. Six has three inch roots and they’re dressed like Mad Max. Did they even have a stylist?

    Noting this for the follow up to ‘Girlie Gripes about Star Wars’.

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