‘Britt & Brad’ On FOX

Just finished watching our favorite local talk radio hosts, Brad Krantz and Britt Whitmire make a brief appearance on the national broadcast of FOX News. They spoke about North Carolina’s role in the upcoming election and responded to questions about their listener’s views on the controversial GOP ad currently running in the state.

I think they did a pretty good job for not being allowed to expound on their thoughts for more than a few sentences and represented North Carolina extremely well. Brad’s point about how NC has changed since the days of Jessie Helms is well taken and with all eyes turning to our state in the next two weeks, hopefully the media will continue to portray North Carolinians as the intelligent, modern people they are. One small note to Britt: Don’t let top billing from the clueless FOX host go to your head 🙂


  1. I pulled the clip off my TiVo to upload to YouTube, but it decoded without sound 🙁 Hopefully someone else grabbed it and can post it somewhere.

  2. Yes Sam, from time to time I do. Not everything they do comes from a right-leaning perspective and sometimes they are downright fair and balanced. What wasn’t balanced in this interview was the FOX hosts makeup. As Britt said this morning, she did look rather Tammy-Fey-esque, but she was offset by the folksy good looks of Britt & Brad.

    PS – Thanks for the plug this morning guys, I appreciate it. I wish I could get the entire clip up for you, damn technology!

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