Giada, How I Hate Thee…

Watching this season of The Next Food Network Star has made one thing perfectly clear for me. I absolutely cannot stand Food Network’s Giada De Laurentiis. I’m not someone to use the word “hate” lightly, but after giving it a ton of thought, I stand by my choice of words. Why do I hate her? Let me count the ways…

• Skanky, low-cut silk blouses over hot stoves

• Enough lip gloss to lube a grandfather clock

• Phony, sophomoric, teethy grins

• Insistence on using pretentious, native pronunciation for all Italian foods – “MOE-ZAH-RRRRE-LLAH!”

• 7 layers of foundation under hot, studio lights

• Thinks having an Italian name and studying in Italy automatically makes her an amazing Italian cook for the ages

• Judging other’s flaws while ignoring her own

• Thinks she belongs on the same network as Alton Brown & Paula Deen

• Thinks Food Network’s audience can spot a phony a mile away, but seems pretty okay with being one herself

Thank goodness I’m not the only one who feels this way. If the Food Network was smart, they’d start putting Giada on the back burner. She’s worn out her short, perky welcome.

UPDATE: Of all the posts I’ve written, this one has now officially become the most popular. It sure says something about Giada, but I don’t think it’s something she wants to hear. Evidently a WHOLE lot of people have problems with her, along with just about every other cook on the Food Network including Rachel Ray, Paula Deen and of course, Emeril. Check out the comments on this thread. They are brutal and they go on for some 17 pages. Oooouch!!


  1. A Giada quote from the back page of this week’s People magazine.

    “Wipes. People come over and I hand them a wipe and say, ‘Wipe down!’ It’s all about getting rid of bacteria.”

    I hate Giada.

  2. Sent the note below to the food network before I saw your site. Thanks for confirming that we’re not the only ones…

    Love your network and programs. Great for the whole family…with exception of the low cut tops of many of the 25-45 year old primetime women. I couldn’t imagine that our family would be the only one with this comment. Bending over a cook stove with a free show of their cleavage is not pleasing or appetizing…unless trying to use the “free show” to attract a different viewing audience. No, we’re not fanatics and have never expressed comments to any network before – just disappointed that we again, had to ask our 14 year old daughter to turn the channel because that’s not role model behavior for young girls. If boobs exposure brings up ratings, guess you can’t argue…however, if ratings are falling, try pulling up the tops and see if that helps. Thank you.

  3. First of all, she shows a bit of cleavage; Her breasts are not hanging on the counter.
    And might I add, they are incredible.
    If your 14 year old daughter can’t deal with that degree of cleavage, you might want to put her in private (catholic) school. In addition, is your 14 year old daughter even noticing Giada’s cleavage? If so, forget the grandkids.
    I’m a 43 year old guy- I love her. She’s pretty, exciting, energetic…. and I hear she cooks, too.
    I love Ina, too- but she’s… ok, I’ll be nicer than you guys.
    If you don’t like the damn show, don’t watch it!

  4. So nice to see so many people feel the same way about Giada and her slutty self, she has to have her tits hanging out to sell herself, her stupid square smile, her narrow shoulders and enormous head are enough to make a person gag, let alone make any of her recipes. She is a sell out, low life whore. She is mostly selling to the male audience and that’s why she acts like she is climaxing when she tries her food. I have no respect for her and I think she should get off of Food Network. Rachel Ray never had to lower herself by showing tits or ass and look at where she is now. Giada is dirt…

  5. Has anyone ever noticed when she eats, she like sticks the food in her mouth without touching her lips to it, so she doesn’t risk ruining her lipstick? It just seems so fake and god, just eat the damn food already! She is so phony and far too into her looks.
    If you caught the episode where she and Alton were cooking togther, I believe it was a Thanksgivign special…man, she was bossin him around like crazy and he did not seem happy about it.


    Giada, Aida, Sandra Lee…do they eat their own cooking? If so, not a lot of it! I trust Barefoot Contessa and Paula Dean. Has anyone ever wondered if Sanda Lee is an alcoholic? She is creating some pretty serious hard liquor drinks with EVERY meal. Kids birthday party: “And here is the brandy drink to serve to all the parents” so they can tipsily drive their children home in the ‘ol minivan. Aida is just too skinny, too young and too pretty to even be taken seriously on cooking questions.

  7. All of you Giada detractors and Paula Dean lovers must be dumb shit Southern pork fat eaters. Paula is so over the top phony with her low brow southern accent it makes me gag. It is no secret; the Mediterranean diet is healthy and nutritious. What Paula and southerns cook is not; that is why there is so much obesity in the South. As for Giada’s Italian pronunciations, she speaks the language she was born with, came to the US when she was 8. Fat Bitch Paula on the other hand is the phony; works hard to speak over the top dumb ass Southern ignorance

  8. Hello to all:

    I am here to “defend” both Giada and Rachael.

    #1. I envy these two women who are making nice money on the Food Network.

    #2. They and all the people on the Food Network are first-and-foremost, ENTERTAINERS! That is there job. To entertain you while they present some sort of food during the 22 minutes that they are on the air. (The rest of the 8 minutes are commercials and introduction/end credits).

    #3. For all the people who complain about Rachael talking all the time, you can NOT be a person who has “dead air” (meaning no talking with just the camera on them chopping up onions, shallots, green peppers, mushrooms, and etc.) You must be able to keep talking constantly with something to say for 22 minutes. Rachael has a greater store of stories to tell because she talks more about her family and her work as a food demonstrator, Howard Johnson’s fountain girl, her grandfather Emanuel who made many of the foods that she grew up with, and, her doggie pets, and more. Giada seems to choose to elaborate on her foods and Italian style of making them. BUT, they both MUST talk for 22 minutes.

    #4. To compare these two women by physical features is grossly unfair. First off, making fun of their appearance is very childish. Yes, Giada must be proud of her figure and Rachael knows her own features and has openly mentioned that she wished she were more endowed. However, for all, (and I am not a doctor) each woman’s physical features are in relation to their personal body style. They are not there to be swim suit models or Hollywood glamour stars, or magazine models (although Rachael’s past posing for FHM was most cute a few years back when she was in her 30s. Now, both these women are entering their 40s age group. So, take a look in the mirror if we are all over 40 and if not, be glad, for now, that you are not yet turning 40 and entering a “second age.”

    #5. I congratulate both their husbands, Todd and John, for being so attractive to both Giada and Rachael that these two women would marry them. You guys are LUCKY men. Treat these women with respect and love and let nothing cause you to separate. It is very lonely when you are in your 60s to find someone to be with for the remainder of our life. I can attest to that! So, cherish each other and be happy together.

    Best Wishes to both Giada and Rachael and keep on entertaining us.

    Larry from Illinois

  9. Giada and Rachel, OMG, I am so glad there are others like myself that they both make my skin crawl. “Rach” for talking so much and so fast and her EVOO, gag me. What was Ophrah thinking when she helped her get her own talk show. I would have to have a 105 degree temp and couldn’t move to reach the remote to watch her. And there is Giada, can she possibly show anymore cleavage? It turns my stomach, she is cooking for God’s sake who wants to look at her boobs? Not I! Her head is bigger than her body, all but her boobs that is….Food Network please have the girl cover herself it is a family network for heavens sake!!

  10. I could not agree with you more. Her fake smile makes me want to hurl not cook! I loved when she was on Iron chef and they told her those cookies she puts on everything sucked on the dish, I laughed and laughed. I change the channel every time she comes on so she doesn’t get the ratings.

  11. I HATE Giada!!!! She’s so pretentious! I cannot stand the way she changes the entire rhythm of her speech to pronounce Italian words. Who does she think she’s fooling?!

  12. I find myself wondering how almost all of the people hosting cooking shows these days were cast. Most of them are so grating and don’t have anything of real value to offer (Sandra Lee? WTF? Though I don’t mind her as much as some of the others, because at least her show is fun to laugh at) . . . Giada (I wouldn’t mind her *quite* as much if she’d ditch the preposterous over-pronunciation), Rachael (the worst, IMO), Paula (she scares me!), etc…

    On the other hand, Alton Brown is great, I want more Nigella and I will always swear allegiance to Martha. She may not be the most pleasant person around, but her shows have always looked visually stunning (who wants to watch someone cook in mismatched pots in a blah kitchen? I can do that at home) and it’s always been about coming up with recipes and ideas of quality, not about some cutesy schtick.

  13. I can’t for the life of me figure out where you’re coming from on this. I hate almost everyone, but I seriously love this woman. Everything I’ve cooked that I’ve watched her make has been outstanding. Her pleasant and laid back nature makes her a joy to watch. I don’t see any pretentiousness in her at all.

  14. Giada is pretentious and annoying to slouchy, unglamorous, dull housewives that are not just housewives, but also have to work a day job. They don’t have time for their appearance, and it shows – not just on them, but also their home. Giada is beautiful (even if a little too made up to really be in a kitchen with heat and oil), and she has a view of the ocean from where she cooks for the show. Hmmmmmm. Jealously can certainly bring out the hate. Plus, she’s on a super-saturated set where every single fruit and vegetable looks so perfectly colored it’s almost unreal. She’s unreal and worthless (although Sandra Lee is just as worthless), but I wouldn’t hate her. No reason to. In fact, I love beautiful people. (And the way she pronounces words isn’t pretentious – it’s not as if you can’t understand what she means. It’s just unnecessary.)

    But since this entry is on hate, Rachel Ray is just the (second) worst Food Network – or any network, host. I guess I could follow my own logic and say I hate her because she makes me feel unattractive and incompetent – but as I’m a guy and as it’s hard to be more unattractive than Rachel, I guess jealousy has nothing to do with hate at all (so perhaps some of the people that hate Giada aren’t overweight, middle class and dumpy – although I’m sure most of them are overweight and don’t have time for their appearance because their juggling work and family).

    If I can hate anyone else on Food Network, it would have to be Paula Deen (who’s even larger than Ray, and definitely an annoying smile – plus, if someone complains about Giada’s pronunciation, then you really have to go off on Deen who can hardly speak English – NOTHING is pronounced correctly), and Ina Garten (who’s even larger than Deen is). Gina Neely is also pretty disgusting and talks almost as much as Ray does (and pronounces as badly ad Deen does). But, by far the ugliest and most annoying is Anne Burrell. Just horrible!

  15. I think all the food network stars are fakes, that Paula Dean and her y’all this and y’all that and stuffing her southern cholesterol butter filled attitude down my throat all the time, butter butter butter and lots of salt and those big fat diamond rings, and Giada, what a phoney baloney with her perfect manicure and how she just loves all of her own cooking and just loves her environment and loves everything about herself, I’m not being mean, I’m telling it the way I see it and something about the woman just rubs me the wrong way and Rachel Ray when she first started out did anyone ever see her wash anything and her garbage bowl and Bobby Flay who comes off like he is the best of the best and none of us are better than him oh come on he seems so created and put together, they are all sooooooooo synthetic, as if the network purposely went looking for annoying people to bother us with and that other one with the “bam” Emeril and the audience going wild, he can’t be real, he must
    have been created for the show, and the British guy who lisps and plays the part of the perfect Daddy, and Mario with the clogs, and the Barefoot Contessa, just thinking of anyone of them barefoot makes me nauseous, that is the phoniest channel in general and really gets me annoyed so I don’t watch it, oh and there is a British Lady who lives eats and bathes chocolate for breakfast lunch and dinner as if chocolate is in her bath and maybe she sleeps in it, enough already, that channel is beyond commercialized beyond phoney, beyond reality, fake fake fake and I refuse to put up with it and I change the channel, Paula Dean stop tasting all that whipped cream and all of them each and every one loves to compliment themselves and when they say that they “incorporate” this into that, I find it so silly and when they say “now we take OUR salt and OUR sugar and add OUR flour” what is the “our” business, sounds really silly and annoying

  16. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I too, never use the word “hate”, except when speaking of this wench. Quite possibly the most phony person on television. She is so pleased with her dishes and her breasts that I can’t stand more than 5 minutes of her show.

  17. Her food is more American than Italian. And I HATE “nu-tell-lah”… it’s “nutella”!!!

  18. I think she should dress like a lady, not a tramp on tv. The poor sleeze has too many teeth in her mouth. Cook if you must lady, but put on some clothes.

  19. you f***ing ppl are retarted…a bunch of ugly ass haters who dont have nothin else in the world to do bt criticizing innocent, hardworking ppl who have made it to the top…all i have say is get use to it becaz they are so many ppl out there dat support her n i dont think she is goin nowhere…i bet all those who wrote sum lame comment are the ones dieing for attention caz they cud never dress nor look like Giada…GET A LIFE!!!!

  20. Giada’s stupid boobs make me sick. Cover them up, you idiot. Do you let those awful boobs stick out of your clothes to improve your ratings? Listen lady, your boobs are awful. So are you!

  21. Giada has no talent! Her food is terrible. How long does it take to get her makeup on before the show? She’s got so much makeup on, that I wonder how her face doesn’t melt under the hot lights.

    If she thinks she’s sexy, she better think again.Her show stinks!! Get her off the air!!! Please!!!!! And, how about her nasty boobs? They look awful, just like she does. She’s nothing but a phony.

  22. what annoys me most is Giada’s incessant use of the phrase “nice and crunchy”

    at least 10 times in each episode, whether to describe walnuts on pasta, caramelized sugar on creme brulee, fried fish breading, croutons, bread crust, fruit, vegetables, panCHEEEHta, pretty much EVERYTHING

    OK I REALIZE IT’S CRUNCHY BUT WHYYYYYY DO YOU HAVE TO SAY THE “NICE” PART!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYY it’s so overused and cliche and aoihtoi32jr ;oimau9r293@$#@

  23. I can’t believe I just found this site. Honestly..Giada makes me want to puke. Her piano keyboard phoney ass smile and squinty eyes…she thinks she’s great.


  24. The Food Network is a hollywood network. Do i hate Giada? NO, I do not know the woman and it gives me and others who have not met her the right to pass so much judgment. As for her smile, I have no problem with it, some have big smiles. It is very foolish to talk negatively about someones physical God given traits. Now, are her smiles phony? I don’t know, like i said I do not know her and do not know what is in her heart. I do notice that she shows too much cleavage but you have to realize in hollywood, sadly, IMAGE is all that matters and not much about the genuineness of the heart.
    So to say you hate her is very strong especially when so many have never met her. The constant cleavage is very unnecessary especially for a cooking show but that is hollywood.

    I did make one recipe from her show, it was the rosemary chicken burgers and I loved them and she has made things that i said “i will pass” and some that made me say “i have to make that”. Hate is a very strong word and try not to use it and remember NO ONE is perfect.

    God Bless

  25. you’re going to slam her for pronouncing words the RIGHT way? ever think she might be trying to make a point to educate us?? it pisses off americans when immigrants come here and pronounce stuff incorrectly, so wtf is the difference? yes, she is attractive, and she might as well show it off. most cooks on food network are fat, and yet she’s the one cooking with heavy cream. lifestyle suggestion, you don’t have to be out of shape to eat great food. at least she enjoys herself. she’s not trying to make her recipes “low-carb” or anything less than what they should be. her enthusiasm for food is contagious and it makes me happy just to watch her.

    as for rachael ray, she sounds like a truck-driving smoker with no class (“bread snowflakes?”). actually she and emeril pretty much annoy me in exactly the same way.
    pauuulla deeean and ina garten piss me off bc of all the fake plot lines they try to cram into every single episode. it’s a cooking show, not a soap opera.

    guy is awesome, and his enthusiasm is no different than giada’s in my book. finally: alton brown is just amazing and better than all the rest. 🙂

  26. This post has been up here for 3.5 years and only 79 people (80 including me) have responded to it. This tells me that the majority of the posts here are from fat, ugly, or both, women who are simply jealous of the fact that other pretty girl has found favor while you “Plain Jane’s” are left once again on the sidelines. With no husband, children that hate you, and a boyfriend who will only make love to you with the lights off or while highly intoxicated.

    And I can’t believe people are complaining about the way she pronounces words. When Obama came on the scene he pronounced Pakistan and Afghanistan differently and now the different pronunciations are widely used in the broadcast industry.

    Grow up.

  27. Why does Giada always have her boobs hanging out? And no I am not jealous as people like to say (I have plenty of boobs of my own but don’t feel the need to show them every day). It is so disgusting. Here is a link to a photo of Giada (2nd one down). It is not flattering and amplifies her beak nose. How can one look at this and say how beautiful she is?

  28. I so totally agree with what all y’all are saying about Giada, she can really get on yer last nerve with her fake happiness and smiling all the time…by the way, what the heck is she so happy about that she has to smile the entire show? To be honest, she probably has a huge mirror in front of her during the taping of the show and is admiring herself in the mirror and thats why she’s always smiling! lol

    And another issue that drives me crazy with her is her phony itialian accent that only comes out when she say’s certain ingredients like Pancetta, Prosciutto, Mascarpone Cheese, Parmasiana Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, Biscotti, Mozzarella, Spaghetti, etc.! She’s probably no more Italian than I am! And don’t you just hate her rude manners when she taste food she doesn’t even close her mouth to chew and she talks with her mouth full of food….Disgusting! She always acts like she’s starving to death when she’s tasting something and that little annoying dance she does everytime she puts food in her mouth like its the best thing in the whole world!

    Surly she watches these shows back and sees how ridiculous she looks, sounds and acts! And another thing that gets me is the way she lets her long hair hang down while she’s cooking! I’ve noticed long strans of hair in her food on a couple of episodes and it made me sick! Just saying!

  29. Ghiada is not a girl – she is in her late 40s. Migtt be a good idea is she dressed appropriately for her age.
    PJlease Food Netowrk – put her at the bottom.

  30. Wow, on reading all of these comments, do you people have nothing better to do? Why does such a beautiful, talented and sweet lady engender such hatred? Yes, she’s gorgeous. Yes, she pronounces italian things as an italian does. Duh, she’s from an italian family.

    Honestly, you guys all sound like a bunch of 7th graders jealous of the prettiest girl. Grow up. I watch her and I think she is utterly beautiful. Love her show, it’s the only one I do watch.

    Shame on all of you. This is ridiculous.

  31. That is the funniest but true post I have ever read. You are right,
    but seriously, Giada, her recipes stink. Her cooking would never cut it for this very large Italian family. They would laugh in her face when she brings out a 2 lb. steak to feed her dinner party , and let’s not forget her Arugula salad she makes every episode and nu-tellain what she will make for desert!!

    She is now making chinese and hawaiian recipes. Simply Italian, Go figure! Food network is very much aware that she is not a good cook and her recipes all have the same boring ingredients but her superficial innocent, flirtatious and down right disgusting, manipulating, controlling and suffocating tactics have given her the upper hand for a while but because everyone cannot make up any more excuses for her, the network is now accountable to do something about it. If they were smart, they would replace her and put her Aunt in her place.

    I cannot stand how she disrespects her and anyone one else she has on her show, if all eyes are not on her, the Joker smile goes directly to straight lined lips with nostrils flaring. Unbelievable!!!

  32. I no longer watch the bobble-head fake. The fake accent when pronouncing Italian foods, the fake smile and laugh and the unnecessary constant showing of cleavage is too much to tolerate. There must be some sort of “issue” regarding her confidence since she over compensates by having to share too much cleavage in every segment. She loves when the cleavage wiggles while cutting or mixing food. Believe it or not, other women also have cleavage!! She acts like she’s the sexiest woman on TV. Far from it, Giada. In fact, not only do other women have great cleavage, but the have pretty faces…something you are lacking.

  33. I never knew someone could have a “rectangle smile”. Her fake, pretentious smile – is it even a smile? or perhaps an evil glare. And I’ve seen it on her….. there is nothing sincere or likeable about her yet Food Network continues to appease her. Why is this? We can all see through her… also, this woman simply cannot cook! I repeat – she CANNOT COOK! I can remember the network wasting air time on her for a 1/2 hour show where she made three things and one of them was cupcakes – FROM A BOX – and adding mascaropine icing. REALLY? From a box? Here is my bony body with my oversized head, my grandpa is famous (?) and the world owes me. I’m absolutely disgusted by this fake person

  34. Seems like everyone just wants to hate on her. You hate her because you’re not her, or because you can’t be with her. A whole lot of insecurity coming from each of you. How embarrassing.

  35. I met Giada at a book signing in Walnut Creek, California in 2004. After meeting her, I do not like her. She never gave my sister and I eye contact, she had an aditude.

    Prior to my sister and I walking up for Giada to sign our book, she was laughing, shaking hands, and what not. And when we walked up, you can hear crickets.

    I do not like her, she is fake! ! !

  36. Aside from her gargantuan head, toofy grin, man-ish hands, and penchant for perkiness, I thoroughly dislike her cooking style. She really did appear to be snotty beyond all reason as a judge on another cooking challenge I recently viewed. That arrogant little twit! Her nose resembles that of an eagle’s beak, and her extremely wide mouth reminds me of an evil clown smiling slowly right before he murders you in a nightmare! Enough of her, I say. Enough!

  37. Guy Fieri is by far the most obnoxious person on the Food Network. I hate Giada but he’s much worse — so grating, shrill, phony, substance-free, and loud.

  38. Well said Elsie! I never thought about her showy cleavage until I read all these posts. I only notice her big head and what she thinks is a million dollar smile..oh that she sounds like shes talking to a group of 5th graders…and of course her ridiculous pronunciations….

  39. I never knew much about Giada, before watching ‘The Next Food Network star’, but one thing is clear after watching her throughout the course of the show, I began to dislike her more and more. She disrespected the contestants, she seemed completely fake and unauthentic. Yes, the floozy tops and the breasts pooping up like bread over rising in it’s loaf pan is not ever in good taste for a family food network….the smile, the bizarre Italian accent, that definitely came and went as needed to seem like she was an authority on Italian cooking,and she absolutely she not return for the next season. Her mentoring to her team,was so insincere, and fake gummy & toothsome smiles were enough to make me stop watching the show altogether. I do hope the network heads take a read of this blog and give her a much needed boot from the network.

    What drove this home today, was due to me watching a recent episode of Chopped where she, Bobby Flay and Alton were guest judges while past winners were competing for a charity chopped match. She was completely condescending, was so bitchy and cruel with her comments on the newer network stars dishes,I just found it in such bad taste….she criticized in a destructive rather than constructive way, and considering these were winners from the past seasons,I believe and FELLOW chef would not make them appear so inferior. She is a bit too full of herself, and I actually have no clue as to why she is judge here, her fake breasts on a 98 pound frame squeezed into a too small push up bra seems to be her attraction to n9ot exactly the right foodie viewers, I think she should hit the playboy network…but the make up would absolutely need to toned down even for that OTT network.

  40. She is so phony it makes me gag from her screeching when she eats something sweet to raising her eyebrows at the camera and oh lets not forget the 18 different makeup products she puts on her face down to the false eyelashes. This is a true fact I recently ran across an article of how to do your makeup as she does hers and it takes 18 products and over 2 hours to put it all on. I dont think she needs to show her boobs on a cooking show when she is hosting a party for children what is the point? As far as her boobs are concerned they are fake and any women with the money could get them. She is completely fake and has the nerve to critizice others on the next food network star but I have to say your not perfect!!!! Eventhough you think you are.

  41. I see that I am not the only one that CANT STAND that phony, toothy, boob showing wanna be cook. Her voice is enough to grate on me just because I know that she is most likely looking into the camera thinking about how beautiful and alluring she is.
    Yuck. She is sooooo phony and what a b*tch. She was a judge on a cooking show recently and stared the chefs down with a stink eye like she was the queen of the universe. Giada, you think far more of yourself than any of us do. That is, except some sleezy perverts that love the free peek down your shirt.
    Please get rid of this Italian puta. She’s disgusting.

  42. I can’t imagine who would want to make her recipes! They are fat laden and her constant ranting about how amazing the dishes are– is frankly annoying. I was stuck watching her show at my dentist appointment. Honestly- I’d rather get 3 root canals in a row then watch her on screen.

  43. I can see why some insecure people with too much time on their hands are jealous of Giada. She is pretty, fit, talented, and happy. Be happy with who YOU are. Quit putting others down to make yourself feel better.

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