Their 15 Minutes are SO Up!

Just finished watching tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race: All Stars and guess who came in first? Yep, the Warhol pinups Rob & Amber yet again. This time they picked up TWO home gyms for their 1st place finish in this leg of the race. Note to the producers: NO ONE WANTS THEM TO WIN. They already won a million dollars on Survior, got tons of money from getting hitched on TV, won plenty of prizes in season 7 of The Amazing Race, and now they are making out like bandits again. I hate to root against a fellow Red Sox fan, but I’ve just about had enough of them. Here’s hoping next week’s “surprise finish” sees Rob & Amber get Philiminated.

UPDATE: Looks like the Karma gods (and maybe the producers) heard my plea. Rob & Amber are toast. I’m actually quite glad. They were gloating a bit too much, even for them.


  1. It would be nice if someone else won, but I don’t begrudge them the fact that they’re doing well. At this point, they’re basically professional reality show contestants. It’s their job to do good. 🙂

  2. Kinda true in a Twilight Zone kind of way. I can see their resumés now…

    “Professional reality show contestants. Will add ratings and drama to any series. Experience includes Survivor, The Amazing Race, Rob & Amber Get Married and Sci Fi Investigates.” Serious inquiries only please.

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