NC’s Audacity to Hope

14 percentage points and over 220,000 votes later, Barack Obama has won North Carolina. I’ve never been prouder to be in this great state than I am today. Today my fellow North Carolinians stood up and voted for integrity, change and hope, and for that, I thank them. I believe Barack when he says that when he’s the Democratic nominee in the fall, he will compete in the “swing” state of North Carolina. Would the same be true if Hillary was the nominee? Doubtful.

I look forward to the possibilities of a blue NC, but for now I’ll take our moment in the sun when we all decided to speak up, make a difference and vote against entitlement and politics as usual. Thank you North Carolina. Thank you.


  1. Starting from now till November let’s see just how many times he actually comes to this state to campaign.I will quess maybe 2.

  2. I would say yes. And I think you’ll be in negative numbers soon as he’s decided to make NC a battleground state for the fall. 🙂

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