Blue Tuesday

Not much was decided this past Tuesday, but from the numbers reported by CNN and other media outlets, one thing seems quite clear. Democrats are more motivated this election cycle than Republicans. It should be obvious to anyone who’s been paying even half attention, but the race between Hillary and Barack has generated the most excitement, gotten more people donating and focused the media’s attention like a laser beam. I also have no doubt that the hate-radio backlash against McCain is also playing a part and keeping GOP’ers at home.

The bottom line is that the majority of people, from Dems to Independents to moderate conservatives have had enough of Bush’s policies these past eight years. They are ready, willing and able to hand the reigns of control over to the left and are chomping at the bit to do it. Let’s just hope they hand them to the right person.


  1. I’m all for the fact that more Democrats voted than Republicans on Super Tuesday, but the scientist in me cautions against reading into it too much.

    First, there were/are two strong Democratic candidates and only one seemingly viable Republican candidate (McCain) prior to Tuesday. Romney did have delegates, but momentum was definitely in McCain’s favor. The Democratic race was/is pretty much a dead heat, so I think more voters would come out for their primary. Whereas voters in the Republican primaries may have already been resigned to McCain as their nominee hence the lower turnout. I’m a scientist, but not a political scientist 🙂

    Secondly, two of the biggest blue states (CA & NY) were in play, so I’d say more Democrats in those states. Although, I’m again shooting from the hip and haven’t looked at the numbers.

    Lastly, I do want a Democratic president (Obama in particular), but I’m also wary of snapshots of voter turnout nine months before the general election.

  2. Ever the pragmatist Dave! I salute you for your scientific approach to such stuff. I should know better myself than to look for clues that lead to my own hopes and dreams, but sometimes it gets away from me.

    I was sure in 2004 that this country wouldn’t put Bush back in power, but they did. A big part of me wants to believe this time around that people have had enough of how the GOP has trashed this great government of ours, but you never know.

    It’s hard not to have hope sometimes.

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