Roe’s Cruel Endgame

The news from Politico today that the Supreme Court stands to strike down Roe v Wade this June or July is outrageous, cruel and completely expected.

Legal scholars are already predicting if the right to privacy goes, which Row is based on, then same sex intimacy, interracial marriage, contraception and more will also be made illegal in Republican controlled states.

Of this I have no doubt.

The GOP will also make it a crime to cross state borders to have an abortion or to help anyone have an abortion. So if you’re thinking people can just travel and solve the problem, no, they won’t. If they do travel themselves, or act as accomplices to help others, they will face serious jail time. Texas is enacting such a law as we speak so don’t bother with the “That will never happen” excuses.

Many, many women will die due to this blatant destruction of 50 years of US legal precedent. The law this decision is based around also makes no exception for rape or incest. Fathom that for a moment. No recourse for women who’ve been raped, and even in some cases where the pregnancy could threaten the life of the mother. Others will be forced to carry an unviable fetus to term.

Just horrendously cruel. But that, as they say, is the point.

White Christian men want to return this country to the days when women were barefoot and pregnant, stayed home and raised their all-white, straight families. They’re about to make the women alive today have fewer rights than their mothers or grandmothers did.

It’s an abomination made possible by Trump, McConnel and Republican’s unceasing March towards control of the court. Plainly put, it’s why Merrick Garland was denied a hearing and Coney Barrett’s confirmation was rushed / crammed through at the very time people were already voting for President. It’s been the endgame all along. Getting rid of the filibuster also isn’t a solution until Manchin and Sinema are made irrelevant in the Senate with a greater Democratic majority so buckle up and get ready to get off the couch and march.

The only positive aspect here is this might possibly motivate progressives to vote and hold their slim majorities in Congress. If not, millions of American lives are fucked for generations to come. Even that is doubtful since the left spoke overwhelmingly in the last election and yet here we are. Between this and the GOP’s efforts to rig voting nation wide, faith in the vote is sinking rapidly.

I’m sure Republican Senator Susan Collins is “Very concerned.”


Right Wing Roundup

The level of conservative paranoia in this country is rising fast. In the span of just a few days the media has reported on a wide range of threats to the President. Some are small, others are blatant, but all have the potential to be dangerous. Here’s a round up of just some of the extreme political posturing that is currently going on in right-wing America:

• The United States Secret Service investigates an online Facebook poll that asks if “President Barack Obama should be killed.” The Facebook application has been suspended while the poll is being looked into.

• Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ), in a speech Saturday at the How To Take Back America conference, called President Obama an “enemy of humanity“. He also suggested the President provide his birth certificate (something Obama has already done) to prove his constitutionally eligibility to hold office. Franks later clarified his remarks saying he should have made it clear he was speaking about Obama’s abortion policies. So Obama is still an enemy of humanity, just the unborn humans.

• Conservative author John L. Perry writing for Newsmax postulates a “Military coup to resolve the ‘Obama problem’ ” is not unrealistic”. Perry, obviously not content with the normal process of democracy in the United States theorizes that the President may have to be removed from power prior to the next lawful election.

• Conservative speaker Kitty Werthmann recently led a workshop called “How to recognize living under Nazis & Communists.” She warned her audience to get their guns ready for “Bloody Battle” with Obama the Nazi.

UPDATE: Media Matters provides its own round up of extremist right-wing rhetoric and it’s not pretty. Meanwhile at Pleade The First, my friend Anthony rightfully calls out conservatives and dems alike to stand up to this subversive speech and denounce it out for what it is – treason.


A Valid Question

Blogger Andrew Sullivan raises a very poignant question, and one that I hadn’t really thought about until the murder of abortion clinic doctor George Tiller. Sullivan asks:

“What interests me is why these groups target a late-term abortion doctor. By their logic, there is nothing worse in killing an eight month-old fetus than an eight-minute old one. By my logic – see The Conservative Soul – there is an intuitive reason to worry more about babies that are much more developed than an enbryo. But I can’t see why Operation Rescue would believe that. I suppose it’s better marketing, because the images are so gruesome.”

The point Andrew makes is well taken. Namely that most Right to Life members believe that the instant a sperm fertilizes an egg, a human being is created. Destroying or aborting this person, no matter how few cells they are made of, is in essence nothing short of murder. If this is true, why is it that most anti-abortion groups only target late term doctors? If they were truly honoring their convictions wouldn’t they just as aggressively defend against destroying zygotes as they would late term fetuses?

We never hear of the biochemists who develop drugs like the so-called “morning after pill” being targeted for domestic terrorism, but doctors like George Tiller have had their clinics attacked and even their lives taken. Are these conservative groups practicing their own version of situational ethics when it comes to the unborn? Or are they simply playing the media so that they can be depicted in the best possible light with the public? I don’t pretend to have the answers, but I lean towards the latter, and if true it makes the whole lot hypocrites.