Advertising on gedblog takes a cue from two of my favorite web-based ad networks – The Deck and Fusion Ads. Purchasing an ad run here means I display a single, unobtrusive ad shown on each page. In this way, sponsors don’t fight for attention with each other and my readers don’t get overwhelmed by tons of animating, text or flash-based ads that detract from the site’s content. I write about numerous topics including pop culture, the developer community, politics, food plus much more and try to update on a regular basis whenever possible.

The Format

Ads on gedblog consist of a static, 130 by 100 pixel image and an additional 80 characters of text. All advertisers, products and creatives must be approved by me before running on the site. I reserve the right to reject any products or services that I do not endorse or personally believe in.


Gedblog underwent a design refresh targeted primarily at mobile users in May of 2012 and as a result, readership is up. Unique visitors have more than doubled from 5,200 in April of 2012 to 14,000 in July. Page views have also dramatically increased and show continued growth for the month of August and beyond. If you would like more detailed stats, don’t hesitate to write and ask.

Pricing & Scheduling

Ads can be purchased in blocks of two-week runs or a single month. The current price for two weeks is $100 with the monthly price being $150 (a $50 savings). All payments must me completed in full prior to the start of the run and can be made via my PayPal address of

I look forward to helping get your product or service in front of my readership. Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have.