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Top Ten Things You Want This List To Be

I’ve decided to pull an IO9 and have my readers blog for me. What does that mean? It means some popular blogs like the sci-fi blog, IO9 have a lazy habit of writing non-posts. That is to say they pose a question and have their readers flush out the content in the comments section. This week’s example asks “What’s the most pointless rivalry in all of fandom?”. So my question to you, gentle readers is what list of top ten things would you like to see this blog post be about? Be sure to leave your ideas in the comments along with links, so I don’t have to bother thinking of these things myself. KTHXBAI!

UPDATE: Two in one week! Way to go, Charlie!

UPDATE II: This week Charlie Anders at IO9 asks her readers to write her blog post about the most epic friendship in science fiction. Keep it up, Charlie!

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