One of Our Experts Is Missing

If you’re a fan of the break-out TV hit that is Pawn Stars then you’ve probably noticed something strange is afoot. One of the best parts of this guilty pleasure from the History Channel is when the gang at the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop call in experts to appraise rare or exotic items. Chumlee and the Old Man are wonderful TV personalities but so are many of the experts featured on the show. I always enjoy seeing Drew Max pull out his over-sized magnifying glass and confirm the value of Babe Ruth’s signature, or Danny Koker break the bad news to a customer that their custom-built trike just isn’t worth the $30,000 they were asking for.

Lately however, one of the show’s most well-known and loved experts has gone missing. Sean Rich is a Master Antique Gunsmith and has appeared in over 50 episodes of Pawn Stars since it debuted in 2009. He’s usually called in when the gang needs antique guns, swords or other armory appraised and his visits are always fun. For the last two seasons Rich has been the go-to guy for these types of appraisals, but he’s been completely absent from season 5 (and much of the last half of S4 as well). The producers started substituting other experts when Rick needed firearms appraised but they’re just not Rich. I knew something fishy was going on when Mark Hall-Patton, the beloved curator of the Clark County Museum System, was called in to appraise a rare LeMat pistol from the Civil War. This was an item that would have made Sean positively dance with glee, and yet here was Mark at the pawn store, looking over an item that was clearly out of his area of expertise. So what’s going on?

The last expert on Pawn Stars that suddenly took a hiatus from the show was Rick Dale, now the star of the spin off show American Restoration. Rick and his shop proved so popular that producers gambled viewers would watch a show just about restoring antique items, and they were right. American Restoration is a great show and Rick is a wonderful TV personality, but is the same thing about to happen with Sean Rich? I think it’s more likely that Sean is simply busy with another project that’s filling his time. Sean worked as a consultant on some of the Pirates of the Caribbean films and so I’m hoping that he’ll eventually return. In addition, Sean’s business Tortuga Trading Inc., is run out of his home and doesn’t have a traditional shop like Rick Dale that could be used as the basis for a new show. The only other explanation is that Sean and the show’s producers had a falling out, and I really hope that didn’t happen.

One of the things I love the most about Sean is how excited he gets to see a genuinely rare piece. He obviously has a great appreciation for history as he often explains in geeky detail what makes a firearm valuable and I must admit his enthusiasm is infectious. Before Pawn Stars came along, I really didn’t know anything about antique guns or why they were awesome but thanks to Rick Dale and Sean Rich I now have a greater appreciation for the value of these fine pieces of history. Here’s hoping Sean eventually emerges from some dusty tomb or secret Hollywood film set and takes his occasional place along side Rick, Corey and the Old Man yet again.

Update: Thanks to an email sent by another curious fan, we now have the answer of what happened to Sean on Pawn Stars. Seems as though the executives at the History Channel and the production company behind Pawn Stars wanted to lock Sean down into an exclusive arrangement for his appearances and offered him little or no money. He refused and so they replaced him. Damn shame, I was afraid of something like this. Thanks a lot History Channel, this is why we can’t have nice things. 🙁

Update II: After two full years, it appears Sean Rich is back on Pawn Stars. Sean briefly appeared on the Oct, 2nd 2014 episode and was brought in to appraise a colt firearm. I was astonished to see him again and stricken by the fact that absolutely no mention was made about why he had been away or why he didn’t receive a nice “Welcome back, Sean!” from Rick or the guys. It seems like The History Channel wants to pretend he never left. Hopefully he’s back for good. Fingers are crossed.


  1. I am a huge history lover… The great thing that Shawn offered to the show was his true passion/knowledge for the items he was shown and his great enthusiasm!!! I still like the show, but I loved it when Shawn was on explaining the ins and outs of the items… You could just tell that he loved what he did and he seemed like a very nice person… I hope the producers can get their heads out of their butts and bring this wonderful history teacher back to the show… Just my two cents from a guy who once loved the show with Shawn and now just likes to watch it when nothing else is on ;(

  2. I miss Sean too. He was my favorite Pawn Stars expert. Let the History Channel know you miss him too at http://www.history.com/support. The show is lucky to have HIM rather than the other way around. He’s one of the reasons the show is so popular. Come on History Channel. It’s good karma to share a piece of that pie.

  3. A cry from the Netherlands: we want Sean back! He is a wonderful personality and his knowledge is outstanding! He should have a show of his own!!!

  4. I want Sean back. He was the most exciting appraiser on the show. He was also a part of the show. So pay him to come back.

  5. Bring Sean back he was a great part of the show, fun to watch ,and the kids learned a lot from him.

  6. sean is the best! Pay the man his worth! Met him at the airport during the holidays – what a gentleman!

  7. I have been collecting World War I & II pistols since 1959. It is difficult to imagine that depth of knowledge that goes into the history of just one weapon. The Luger pistol for instance is a good example. I have a small library of books dealing with just the Luger pistol. I truly admired Sean, as he possesses a vast knowledge of many types of firearms. He did not learn this overnight. He spent hours upon hours, days upon days, and years upon years, studying, doing research and reading about MANY types of firearms. I have never had the pleasure to share my thoughts with Sean, but just seeing his enthusiasm and shear excitement when seeing a rare firearm made me feel like he and I had been collecting together for years.


  8. Please bring Sean back!! He’s so personable and you can tell he genuinely loves what he does and loves those guns he appraises. I’m not liking the new appraiser guy they’ve brought in. Makes me not want to watch the show. Again, please bring Sean back!!

  9. Bring Sean back! Immediately, he was ricks best bud and a great weapons expert, his passion and enthusiasm along with excitement just
    sparked knowledge abroad! This kid just dosent fit the missing piece.

  10. I loved Sean on the show too…so much so that I tried buying an antique coin, but he’s never replied…? Quite disappointing…

  11. I think Shawn was as important as ANY other personality on the show. This is more about the “greed factor” than any other issue. Clearly the show was a success , so share the wealth with all those who contributed to its success. You know what happens to a structure when it foundation begins to errode …..it collapses. I wish Shawn all the best in his future endeavors. The history channel and Pawn Stars are the big loser on this decision . Now that I know why Shawn is no longer involved with the show I will not watch another episode.

  12. Idiots!! The only reason sean has been around as much…and he only missed a few episodes where he was needed by the way…is his own show was in production …history channel not only didn’t screw him over but they gave him a great opportunity. He has his own show revolving around his gun auction with his partners that debuts wed. Night on national geographic channel (owned by the same broadcasting conglomerate as history channel) they have another pawn stars gun expert that is great as well his name is Craig gottlieb. He owns a business in Vegas as well dealing in unique weapons and he loves them and knows just as much as sean. I wish history and n.g. Had signed him to be involved with Sean’s show instead of the 4 yahoos we’ve never heard of that will be on Sean’s show.

  13. Sean actually has his own show on national geographic called lords of war. The season premiere just started tonight. I noticed him missing too.

  14. Sean Rich has been found!!! was watching natgeo the other night when a commercial for a new gun show came on and guess who is the leader of the pack. Mr Rich!! the show premiers in February so stay tuned!!

  15. Sean was a part of what makes Pawn Stars the hit it is. That is obvious. It is a shame that this issue could not have been kept from us. As in get the paper work done History channel.

  16. Sean Rich is the host of the NTGEO show, “Lords Of War.” I wouldn’t jump all over the History Channel – it would seem Sean was working on this project.

  17. My husband and I really miss Sean. He was our favorite expert. I want to petition the show. Sean, love the dive shirts!

  18. Sean was a great personality on pawn stars. The shows producers were foolish to not work out a deal with him. He added a lot to the show and will be missed!!

  19. For those who miss Sean Rich from Pawn Stars. You can get your Sean fix by viewing his new show “Lords of War” on Nat Geo, Wedensday night.
    (Cox Comunications, Southern California). The shows great, with a lot of new weapons experts to intrigue your mind. Plenty of fire power & that exciting personnality Sean is known for. Frankly I believe Sean’s better off.

  20. Just saw that Sean has the new show on National Geographic. Darn the luck, that channel isn’t included in my package. I loved watching Sean and marveled at his knowledge. His exuberance was infectious and a joy to watch.

  21. How can they not have him, but we have to watch people like Chum working in the store. Some may find him funny, but it must be painful and disturbing for the employees that work hard to watch it. Can you imagine working your butt off to bring home the bacon and you have to watch someone doing nothing all day and making 100 times as much money. I don’t enjoy the show any more. it actually disturbs me that Rick and his Dad allow it. Thank god Sean has his own show now.

  22. we need to have sean back he maid the show great I also will only watch when there is nothing else if he has a nother show where and when you only have a few experts that started the show stick with them or you will make the show a looser!!! John Miller

  23. I agree with all the others.ps if you never been to pawn shop what a dive. And they are all about selling there self there craps tee shirt and others over priced stuff.don’t waste your time. But the counts, and rick sales were so cool. And very nice to meet them.both. as for the pawn stars let this get to there heads.and a rip off.

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  25. I miss Sean, he was funny and I loved it when they went to the range, he always had a little story to go with it, it was funny. Rick and Sean laughed a lot and he is just very good at what he does and he is not bad on the eyes either. So bring him back , and get rid of Chumlee, he drives me crazy, customers and myself do not think he is funny and I feel like I am lowering my intellegence just by watching him. They don’t need him on there, get rid of him and bring Sean back problem solved, one less salary to pay for dead wood, then they can pay more for Sean.

  26. Seems like Rick doesn’t have free choice in who he consults for expert opinions.
    It is not the guys he knows, it’s the guys who the production company controls.
    Like most reality shows, it is 10% reality and 90% production. Pawn Stars is one of the better ones though.

  27. I reckon Mark .. who seeems to know everything and all the other so called experts are complete tossers… just eager to get their faces on the TV ,
    Is there nothing “let me call my buddy” Mark doesn’t know …. he’s a complete tosser

  28. Personalities like Sean made this show something special. Without him this will not be as good as it was. So here is my vote from poland for Sean.

  29. I liked Mark as an expert. He truely had an understanding of the field of firearms and various Militiria. They replaced him with Craig Gottlieb it appears.. He was the creator of the Germandaggers dot com website. Don’t let that fool you though on his experience. He received his first dagger in and around 1999. He became fasinated with German WWII militaria and started the website in 2000. He portrays a knowledge much greater than he possesses. The most intriguing part is that Rick out of some PC reasons I suppose he acts as though he abhors Nazi stuff yet he has a career Nazi Militria dealer on show all the timr.. lol oh the irony. .

  30. My family and I love Pawn Stars , and I say to History Channel just pay the guy ( Sean from Tortuga Trading ) he’s very fun to watch , and always went to shoot the guns to make sure they work .. we miss him , besides he has connections to one of the best movies made Pirates lol

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