Intel Rockstar

The new Tonight Show with Conan O’Brian has been hit or miss since its debut, but this wonderfully geeky bit is right on the money. Conan Interviews the co-creator of the USB port, Ajay Bhatt with hilarious results. Check it out, the end alone is worth the price of admission.

Hat tip to Mashable for this post.


  1. I’m from the Canadas where we don’t have nice online services and don’t wanna jump the Hulu-hoops.

    Here’s a shaky recording of an off-color TV posted to a site that removes copyrighted material like it’s their job:

  2. I should have also added someone starts playing with spoons on a washboard about halfway in.

  3. Joe Roback says:


    USB => universal sucking bus. Hopefully Intel+Apple’s Light Peak port goes more the way of Firewire than USB. I love FW800 and its bus power, daisy chain ability and speed compared to USB!