Police Begin Probe Into Brad Miller (D-NC) Death Threats

The recent strong-arm tactics of the GOP and their insurance run corporate backers turned ugly last Monday when a caller to North Caroina Congressman Brad Miller’s office turned into what police call a “threat” situation. The caller was trying to provoke Miller into holding a town hall meeting. These forums have been disrupted lately by conservatives and Republican operatives to make their, sometimes violent, displeasure known about insurance industry reform. Well, now the police are involved and are starting to investigate threats to Miller’s life:

“The threatening caller, when told by a staffer that Miller was not planning a meeting, claimed the congressman didn’t want to meet with people face to face because he knew it would cost him his life, according to Canipe. The staffer then asked if the caller was making a threat. The caller, said Canipe, replied that there are a lot of angry people out there.”

As the incidents of inflammatory rhetoric such as Congressmen being hung in effigy and right-wing talk show hosts joking about poisoning the Speaker of the House increase, so does the likelihood that some angry citizen will go too far. During his inauguration speech, President Obama professed his belief that “We can disagree without being disagreeable.” The caller who threatened Brad Miller and the thuggish behavior of conservatives the past few weeks proves those the right never heard a word the President said that day.


  1. “The recent strong-arm tactics of the GOP ”

    That’s why the only people arrested at a St. Louis town hall this week were Obama health care supporters.

  2. Never mind Hugh, found the report myself. Of the six people arrested at the St. Louis town hall, one was identified as an insurance industry reformer. The other 5, not so much.

    I wonder if you expect the continued behavior the right has shown in the past week not to be met with equal anger by the President’s supporters or if they’re just supposed to sit back and get bullied into giving up on health care reform? I don’t see Dems comparing the President to Hitler, or calling for their supporters to bring guns into these town halls, but that’s exactly what’s happening on the right.

    Care to explain?

  3. One local blogger stated that he didn’t believe that anyone threatened Congressman Miller and that it was being exaggerated by the dems.
    So now the gop is crazy and delusional. I think its time for the straitjackets!

    God Bless America

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