Virginia Foxx Dishonors North Carolina

I knew she was trouble when she was elected, but today’s performance in the House of Representatives by North Carolina Republican Virginia Foxx clinches it. Foxx’s attempt to block updating hate crime legislation to include crimes committed against people based on their sexual orientation was at best ignorance and at worse, deep rooted bigotry.

Matthew Shepard was the young gay man in Laramie, Wyoming who, a decade ago, was tied to a fence, pistol whipped in the head some 50 times, then left for dead in the night, only to be found a day later clinging to life. Shepard died five days later. Even though Shepard’s murderers admitted that they lured and killed him because he was gay, NC representative V. Foxx pretends that fact doesn’t exist. Witness her plea that the motives behind Shepard’s murder were a “hoax”:

I thought the days of the likes of Jessie Helms were long gone, but incidents like this are painful reminders. I take solace in the fact that North Carolina stepped up and voted for Barack Obama this fall in record numbers, so there is still hope. If you’re moved to action as I am after watching this sorry excuse for an NC elected representative, then call or write her offices and make your displeasure known:

Phone: (202) 225-2071
Phone: (336) 778-0211
Phone: (828) 265-0240


  1. My in-laws are constituents and constantly bother us with white bread conspiracy theories. It would be easy to dismiss Foxx as a one off nut. Unfortunately, it seems she is playing right to her demo, mind-numbingly stupid as they may be. I look forward to the day when these folks reach their dotage and we can leave them to stew in their soiled diapers.

  2. isn’t it amazing? a young boy who is extremely energetic is deemed to have a disorder and medicated with prescription narcotics. but a man who will orally pleasure another man is deemed normal. and you wonder why this country is dying.

  3. Ah yes, the old “America is dying” schtick. Similar things have been said all through out our country’s history by similar people like Bean. In the first half of the 20th century it was because blacks were marrying whites. They were “moral degenerates” who were eroding the very fabric of America.

    Those views were wrong then, as they are wrong now about gay people. The saving grace is that the general public is beginning to understand that because the older, intolerant generation is being replaced by their younger, wiser children.

    At least there’s hope.

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