Hey McCain, Send Me My Tire Gauge. Please!

I really have to laugh at the way John McCain has run his presidential campaign. First he says that he wants to take the high road and stick to the issues – no attacks on character or low-brow stuff that Bush threw at him in the South Carolina 2000 primary. Then he goes comparing Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears (Paris has an excellent retort out this week BTW). Then when Obama says a simple thing Americans can do to help reduce demand for oil and drive down the price (the reason why oil is back to $120 recently is because demand is down between 2-4%) is to keep their car’s tires inflated to the proper pressure, McCain pounces and claims this is the main focus of Barack’s energy policy. It is not, it never was and they know it. No, they are so desperate to attack Obama they’ll pick any little thing, even things that every expert agrees would indeed help. Obama responded to this asinine GOP stance this week:

So until I can get my 2009 Honda Fit with its built in pressure sensors, Mr. McCain, PLEASE send me my free tire gauge. I could really use it. See, I love my country and I want to help reduce dependency on oil, BOTH foreign AND domestic and until I can buy my electric car, I’m looking for ways to use less gas. A tire gauge would really come in handy. It’s a pity you don’t realize that because that’s what being the leader of the free world is all about, knowing what’s really important and what is just noise. I’m reminded of Michael Douglas’ speech at the end of The American President. America has serious problems and we need serious people, and McCain’s 15 minutes, with his “politics as usual” approach, are up.


  1. This is why he’s going to win where John Kerry failed. Kerry was so afraid to instigate any type of confrontation, he failed to respond to attack after attack from the GOP.

    Obama strikes right back without hesitation.

  2. I anxiously look forward to the mano-a-mano debates between the two. I am optimistic that Obama will be calling McCain out left and right, followed by nervous, awkward mumble laughs…perhaps even the loss of temper? The fall is looking good, I think.

  3. hahaha!!victor? when obama is off script, he sounds alot like bush. half sentences and scattered thoughts.
    as far as the pressure thing goes? imagine some old lady overinflating her tires and hurting herself. you know, like the “do not use in shower” on hair dryers.look at your tires. whats the first numbers you see? 205/60/15??
    secondly, in 2003 there were 2cars in the drive.mine and the wifes. now there are 4. my two sons now own one each. in a few more years there will be 6 as my 2 youngest get theirs. its called growth. all countries are doing it. ‘cept maybe russia. all these growing humans will require alot of new energy for their cars, homes, kids, and life in general. wheres it coming from? solar and wind have been in use for decades. wheres the breakthru?? keep using food for fuel and theres gonna be wars for corn.
    obama is nothing new. just a typical liberal trying to bring america down rather than bring the world up.

  4. My apologies to the author for posting so far off-topic.

    Dear Jim,
    McCain’s plan to rescue America’s oil dependance is to turn some of the last bits of America’s untouched beauty into an industrial park to find what might hopefully be a 2% increase in our domestic oil production. America imports 55% to 60% of the oil we use. (Source: http://awurl.com/GXWVOeFZp )

    Yet, America exports 1 Million barrels of oil every day (According to the CIA: http://awurl.com/jnIqyNWwk )

    Is drilling for oil what’s really best for America or what’s best for the oil companies in a profit-rich environment?

    McCain is nothing new, either. In fact, I’d say he’s rather old in age, and antediluvian in thinking.

    We need to reduce consumption. Properly inflating your tires is something you can do right away that heads in that direction. As Americans, liberal & conservative, we have a mandate to do what’s right for each other & the world because the rest of the world follows our example.

  5. michael,
    we are not far off the same page.i know the pressure thing. i drive a truck and know what a simple 10psi difference between two of those tires can mean. i also know what can happen if a tire is overinflated, especially in the summer.
    i have also written both our governors candidates (nc) and asked why neither is suggesting our state build its own bio-diesel refinery. all those school buses and state owned trucks could use fuel grown rite here in nc.
    the single biggest factor for domestic production of oil is that those wells would be within UNITED STATES territorial boundries. not the middle east, not nigeria.
    that in itself would go along way to market stabilization.
    but all that doesn’t change the fact that there is no viable alternative to the combustion engine.not yet. sure there are hybrid engines, but show me one pulling 25 tons up the side of a mountain. or flying 200 people across the ocean.
    i do agree with you that mccain is nothing new either. this is why he does not have the support of the conservative base.i don’t now about you, but i think its time for leaders, not politicians.
    look its simple. we, as a nation, are gonna need a wide variety of energy sources for the future. from home based magnetic motors to self charging electric vehicles. we’ll need an alternative to plastic and some major recyling efforts. we’ll need to stop building out and start building up. maybe if cities, towns and states quit worrying so much about how the feds are gonna save us and start taking the initiative we’ll get something done. like i said, its time for leaders.

  6. Victor, when are these “mano-a-mano” debates supposed to be held?

    Obama refuses to accept the invitation from McCain for face to face debates.

    The only “debates” he wants are scripted media debates where a moderator controls who is asked what and from what pre-sorted list of questions.

  7. Well then it looks like both sides will benefit. 🙂

    It’s just way too sanitized for my taste. It SHOULD be uncomfortable for them and it should be fielded by real voters, not paid moderators.

  8. James, I really can’t argue with that. Personally I thought the YouTube debates were the best in a long time. At least average people got to ask questions in those. Would be great to have more of them.

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