Neal Boortz, Asshat

While I was on my lunch break the other day, I thought I would tune into FM Talk 101.1 and see if I could stomach what Boortz was dishing out, even if just for a little while. It didn’t take long to realize that was a mistake. After bloviating for about 10 minutes on the fair tax, he went into a section where callers who disagreed with him are allowed through the screening process so Boortz can berate them on national radio.

Even before the gentleman came on the air, Boortz made fun of the man because he dared to call the host a hypocrite for his stance on the fair tax. What followed was typical for right-wing conservative radio hosts and a lesson for anyone who thinks they can teach these clowns a lesson by simply making a phone call.

First, the segment was done at 12:56pm right before the hard break, so you knew it wasn’t going to last long. Second, Boortz let the caller get about 20 words out before cutting him off. Literally. Boortz interrupted the caller after he tried to make a very relevant point about just how unfair the supposed “fair tax” was by launching into his “you’ve got to be back up your position with more than just calling me a hypocrite” bit. But as he spoke it was evident that even if the caller wanted to back up his position, he couldn’t because Boortz had cut him off over a minute ago. So Boortz continues to “lecture” the caller about how he’s an idiot, asking him questions he can’t respond to and calling him a “closet liberal”, all while he’s talking to dead air.

If radio hosts like Neil Boortz, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingrahm actually had a spine, or the ability to defend their positions publicly, they wouldn’t need to hang up on callers. When presented with well-reasoned arguments they usually resort to tricks like hard breaks, or the covert disconnect.

Thankfully some radio hosts actually listen to their callers and let them get more than 2 words out. These are the good guys and I thank them for being, you know, human. I also admire people who have the guts to call into Boortz and Limbaugh to try and set the record straight, but sadly, most of the time they are just taken back behind the “radio barn” and shot. So the next time you’re thinking about picking up the phone to lecture an asshat, remember the words of Sean Connery in The Untouchables – “Never bring a knife to a gun fight.” Here endeth the lesson.


  1. After removing your drool from your post I was able to read it. I was listening to the very caller you mention. First, the caller was absolutely clueless about his “relevant point” and could only mention the word “hypocrite” with a bit of babbling. It was obvious the caller had no, zero, zip, nada idea what the Fair Tax was about. Boortz cave him much more time than he deserved.

    What is really very funny (In a very tragic way.)is the very person who would benefit the most from the Fair Tax opposes it. If the program is implemented as proposed in the legislation it would provide proportional increased income for all especially those at the lower end of the scale. It would make the US the center of international business and production and create many additional high paying jobs.

    The Fair Tax would remove a great deal of power from Congress and the Tax lobbyists.

    Business decisions would be made based on business requirements and not on how to create the greatest income in spite of income tax, capital gains tax, dividend tax, etc. Exports would not contain the Fair Tax and todays $100,000 US made product would export at some $77,000! We would rapidly become an export nation rather than an import nation.

    The very people who hate the Fair Tax concept are the same people who support and think they understand the current Democrat presidential “primary system”. This primary system is serious for them and a major source of entertainment for real Americans.

    Also, most anti-Fair Tax people are those who have never read it or if they have read it can’t comprehend it or if they seem to understand it they change the details of the proposed legislation to support their predetermined negative view of the Fair Tax.

    One thing is certain the current anti-Capitalist Tax system is designed to penalize success through the confiscation of income and is used to direct business decisions by using the “tools” of Tax Credits and Tax deductions to control the market. None of these would matter under the Fair Tax because it is a Consumption tax paid only when the buyer decides to spend his money. The Income Tax is taken in most cases before the earner receives his money and the decision to confiscate the funds is made by the government rather than by the individual.
    Note: I support the Fair Tax and think it merits a national review and discussion using the proposed Fair Tax program as the basis for such an intellectual debate.

  2. Dcook, I’m not here to argue the merits of the fair tax, I’m here to point out that Boortz didn’t give the caller enough time to get out two sentences let alone defend his position. You must not have been listening to the same caller I was because he was indeed cut off before he could expand on his thought. As soon as Boortz heard the word hypocrite he had had enough and decided this man didn’t know what he was talking about and wouldn’t get a chance to explain himself.

    Try opening your ears to ideas and viewpoints that are not the same as yours. It will make you a better, more well-rounded individual.

  3. That’s not how it works.

    descent is to be crushed, not explored.

    That’s how the Reich-wing works.

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