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Steven Colbert is in rare form in this hilarious piece from Comedy Central. Steven suggests that in order to combat Clinton winning large states like California and Texas, Barack might want to start lumping his victories into super states like Illikanasasouriebriowa. Try saying that fast five times! I hate to rain on Stephen’s witty parade, but as CNN reports today, Obama actually won Texas last week thanks to his victory in the state’s caucuses. So with Texas, Wyoming and now Mississippi under Obama’s belt, it’s going to be harder and harder for Hillary to keep the truthiness of her “comeback” alive much longer, despite what Stephen would like us all to believe. So much the better.

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  1. Man, Texas is confusing!

    This page on CNN shows the primary and the caucuses in separate tables.

    Clinton won the primary 51% to 47% and received 65 delegates to Obama’s 61. Obama won the caucuses 56% to 44% and received 38 delegates to Clinton’s 29. Tally for Texas is thus Obama gaining 99 delegates and Clinton gaining 84.

    My head is swimming!

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