A Brief Video Tour of CandyBar 3

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a googolplex, right? Yesterday Panic & The Iconfactory released CandyBar 3 for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and it has been greeted with open arms by Mac users and icon enthusiasts alike. There’s a great deal of new stuff packed into this release, not the least of which is the blending of CandyBar 2 and Pixadex 2 into a single, unified whole. I thought an easy way to show some of these cool new features was to make a quick guided tour. Video artifacts and nervous jabber aside, I think you’ll find it helpful.

To get the complete skinny and download a free trial version, point your favorite web browser to the CandyBar Home page over at Panic.com. Then surf on over to the Iconfactory and download tons of great, free icon sets and their accompanying Leopard dock styles. Have fun and thanks for watching!

UPDATE: The guys over at MacMost have put together their own screencast of CandyBar 3 and it’s pretty nice. They show how you can manually drop in dock images instead of using just iContainers, which is something I didn’t cover in my overview. Check it out.


  1. I like the vid but where are all the FULL SYSTEM swap-out ICONTAINERS ?

    It’s great having a few odd icons hanging around but what about am iconfactory database of just Finder Library icons etc…

    I small big cheese here.

  2. Blurt,

    If you are looking for complete, Leopard system iContainers, there are currently three out. The first comes with the program and is called Float by Corey Marion. The other two are by David Lanham and are called Sticker System and Amora. You can download both at the Iconfactory.

    We’re in the process of updating others for Leopard now, but it takes time. Each set has over 100 individual icons, and they must all now have 512×512 resources. No small task. Plus, we’ve just spent the last three months updating a slew of other sets for Leopard and making new Dock replacements for eight sets.

    You get all these icons, docks and system replacements for free. Please keep that in mind as we work hard to update our huge existing icon library for Leopard. Thanks.

  3. 1. how do i move an icon from a ‘Collection’ to the ‘Trash’ without still have it in ‘My Icons’? also, can i just Delete it permanently?

    2. when upgrading an icon set for the new 512px it would be nice if the ‘Clean up duplicate icons’ option will trash the older 128px icons…

    3. any way to create a ‘Smart Folder’ containing only 512px icons?

    4. bug = you can’t change a folder icon!

    5. also, a dedicated RSS feed for the new 512px icons will be nice:)


  4. Zxspectrum,

    1) – You can control click on an icon and select “Move to Trash” to move it and its instances to the trash, or you can press Command-Delete to do the same thing. You’ll have to remember to “Empty the Trash” to really get rid of it once and for all though.

    2) – Its a good suggestion, not sure if it is possible, but I’ll send it along to Panic.

    3) – Not currently, but again a good suggestion. Would be great if the program was able to look at resource sizes as well as meta data.

    4) – Not a bug, just not a feature. I’ll add the request to the list 🙂

    5) – Every icon set we release now contains 512’s so essentially when you subscribe to the Iconfactory freeware feed, that’s what you’ll be getting.

    Hope this helps!

  5. That was a really cool icons set where you can see previews in the containers. Where can i download that set?

  6. Did you have folder icons that let you see the documents behind them? If so could you link me to the set that does that?

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