I Believe

… 8 days of rest are bad for professional baseball teams.

… I never want to have to choose between fires, mudslides or earthquakes.

… in Bigoot Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster & the theory of Atlantis.

… Apple is the most valuable computer maker in the world.

Scott Moritz couldn’t “analyze” his way out of a paper bag.

… there is only one OCTOBER!

… Halo 3 is overrated.

… Digg is a double-edged sword.

… Hiro is his own father.

… chemists know their puns.

… people regret re-electing George W. Bush.

… watering golf courses during a historic drought is a mistake.

… “Deal with it!” is my new favorite TV catch phrase.


… Kirk > Picard.


  1. Kirk > Picard is just because Picard is European. Classic. Protest! 🙂

    Oups, forgot there are no countries in the 24th century anymore. 😉

    But not only is Kirk > Picard, also Picard > Sisko. And so on.

    (Just a bit) releated, a friend of mine says the democrats will choose Obama over Clinton. Why? Star Trek is just a reflection of the US of A and its world affairs. First there was a black captain of the Enterprise, and only then a woman. Hm.

  2. Who is this Bigoot of which you speak? I assume he’s related to Yeta and Sasuach 🙂

    I was thinking Hiro had to set up his great, great, great, great, great grandparents like McFly had to do with his parents when he “broke history” as well.

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