Geesh, Didn’t You Know?

I’ve read on some local Greensboro blogs that GOP presidential hopefuls Rudy Giuliani and to a “lesser extent” Fred Thompson are pretty much unbeatable. Wow, evidently one of these two men will be the next President of the United States, no ifs, ands or buts about it. I guess us scamps on the left should just pack it in now, huh? I mean why wait a whole year wasting time raising funds, holding primaries and actually listening to people’s concerns when Fred and Rudy are guaranteed shoe-ins? And just imagine the political juggernaut they’d be if they combined forces into one, super-duper conservative über-candidate! No one would have to bother going to the voting booth again until at least 2020, or whenever their conjoined pacemaker finally gave out… whichever came first.

The funny part is however, someone might want to clue these two, old white men in on the assessment. The way the headlines have been flying lately, you’d think they were trying to sabotage the “irresistible force” that their respective campaigns represent. What with all the staff departures, questionable associations and lackluster fundraising going on, maybe the Democrats should just admit defeat now and save us all months of pain and suffering. Naaaaah! I say let’s find out just how unbeatable “Frudy” really is. Yeah, let’s.

UPDATE: Freddo’s so-called “campaign” is in worse shape than was originally thought. Seems as though there is a bit of confusion about who’s pulling the strings behind the scenes. Mr. Unbeatable himself, or his bewitching wife.


  1. Maybe the both of them combined will put the new Terrorism Task Force Office in the ground level of the Freedom Tower. Then they can film a Law and Order episode there and call it a day.

  2. Beth, I said the same thing right before the 2004 election. I thought that if the American people fell for W. again, I would seriously have to think about getting out of the country. Of course, I’m still here.

    I think there is a distinct possibility that the Republican candidate will win if Hillary wins the nomination. Even thought the majority of American’s are fed up with conservative control of the government, they hate Senator Clinton more. Even I would have a hard time voting for her, and I’m solidly progressive.

    I really want to get away from the Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton cycle. I think the vast majority of us do.

  3. I am loving the new bit from this weekend that Freedo didn’t announce. Just amused the hell out of me, really. *finds his popcorn and beer and sits back*

  4. Lost, I thought the word on the street was that Thompson was going to announce around Labor Day. Can you point me at a link discussing what you’re referencing? I’d love to read more.

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